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Group Marketing: The Secret Formula

Why struggle against the tide and go at it alone marketing your law firm? RW Lynch pools the advertising budget of hundreds of personal injury firms nationwide into one large lead generating juggernaut that delivers leads just for you!

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Learn About Market Exclusivity

The Security and Confidence of True Exclusivity

The true power of the RW Lynch group marketing system is in our one of a kind exclusivity guarantee. Every call you receive is yours and yours alone. No more call sharing or waiting your turn.

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Call Delivery 24/7, Wherever You Want It

We know that getting a potential client on the phone fast is the number one key to securing a case. That's why we go above and beyond to get you in touch, fast. You can receive your leads by phone, email and text message, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Learn About Our 24/7 Call Delivery
Learn About the GoldenList Lead Management Suite

Lead Management Made Easy, and Free

As an added bonus, we include a first class lead management suite to keep track of your lead generating and remarketing efforts, free! Rate your leads to help improve the advertising in your market!

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Market Areas & Pricing

 There's consistency here. The calls come in, the calls are there for you. If you follow the protocol, RW Lynch's program allows you to build up your practice in the quickest way that's out there. 
John Mifka, The Law Offices of John F. Mifka

 We selected RW Lynch primarily because of the support we thought we would receive from them. And in fact, that support is even better than they advertised. 
Brian Mongelluzzo, Law Offices of Brian J. Mongelluzzo

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