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Company and Program FAQs

RW Lynch is the largest nationwide network of attorneys who take full advantage of immediate, local access to our all-inclusive advertising program. We provide member attorneys with consistent and exclusive leads, 24/7 lead processing and delivery and ongoing support.

There are numerous factors that differentiate RW Lynch from the lead generation companies out there. First and foremost, we do not sell leads! We help connect injured people nationwide to local personal injury attorneys. RW Lynch combines the power of hundreds of law firms nationwide, under the Injury HelpLine® umbrella, giving them full access to large media budgets and helping them reach their local communities. To learn why attorneys and law firms choose RW Lynch to reach their advertising goals, view Why Us.

Founded in 1984, RW Lynch has been in business over 30 years. Learn more about our history.

Injury HelpLine® is RW Lynch's consumer brand, which is designed as a resource for people to learn about personal injury issues and connect with an attorney near them.

Injury HelpLine® marketing and advertising is how RW Lynch generates new case opportunities for its member attorneys.

RW Lynch combines the advertising budget of hundreds of personal injury firms nationwide into one large lead generating juggernaut that delivers local case opportunities just for you! We generate leads by marketing and advertising our nationally recognized consumer brand, Injury HelpLine®.

Personal injury leads that we generate are then processed and distributed to our member attorneys based on their exclusive market areas. We also offer a range of client support tools in our all-inclusive program.

All national and local advertising, including internet and paid search, mobile and television, is conducted under our Injury HelpLine® brand. Our national and local Injury HelpLine® advertising campaigns are designed to generate direct calls to our 800 numbers and form submissions from our industry-leading responsive, mobile-friendly Injury HelpLine® website.

These ad response leads are then processed and distributed to our member attorneys based on their exclusive geographic areas.

Injury HelpLine® advertising is one component of our all-inclusive lead generation program.

No. RW Lynch's marketing team works with our in-house counsel, who actively reviews and monitors our advertising campaigns, to ensure compliance with all state-specific legal advertising laws.

No. RW Lynch's all-inclusive program is designed to give single law firms access to large media budgets, which immediately increase their personal injury caseload and grow their legal practice. Our 30+ years of experience shows that, in order to do this effectively, it requires a minimum time commitment from both our member attorneys and our company.

Our subscription-based program allows our member attorneys to:
  • Lock in program rates to avoid advertising cost increases;
  • Plan marketing budgets accordingly;
  • Experience a full season of injury and accident claims;
  • Mitigate the luck-factor in receiving a substantial case opportunity;
  • Accurately analyze cost per acquisition and return on investment in our program; and
  • Make use of our client support tools, including our lead evaluation and optimization service that helps cater leads to an attorney's particular practice.

There are several factors that impact the subscription cost of our program for attorneys, including the geographic region, number of market areas and pre-pay discount opportunities.

Learn more about local market availability and request a quotation or call us to receive more information at (800) 594-8940.

RW Lynch charges a one-time setup fee for new member attorneys. This fee is part of our cost to set up local online and mobile advertising campaigns, commercial editing and bar filings. There are no other additional costs or hidden fees, such as licensing and phone lines.

Yes, based on the IRS tax code, you may use our program as an advertising write-off for tax purposes. We do advise our member attorneys to consult with a tax professional to assure compliance when filing with the IRS.

Yes, all attorneys who subscribe to RW Lynch's all-inclusive program receive access to our cloud-based lead management software that is accessible from any internet-connected device.

Our lead management software is one component of the client support tools that member attorneys receive when they subscribe to our program.

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