When it comes to age, no one is exempt from the frightful and sometimes deadly experience of being in a car accident.

The number of children who go through being in a car accident is alarming and should catapult further ways to instill preventable options.

“Most of the children who died were not wearing seatbelts — nationwide, 43% were unrestrained or improperly restrained.” – NY Times

A mother strapped a two-year-old child into a car seat.  The child was in the back seat facing the rear of the car as the law requires and is a common car safety practice for children under the age of 11.

The mother merged onto the freeway and proceeded down the road. Traffic came to a sudden halt, the mother hit her breaks, heard a terrible screeching noise behind her, and doesn’t remember what happened next due to blacking out from the force of the surprise impact.

This big rig T-boned the other vehicle.

When she came to, she was being pulled from her damaged car by paramedics. A large semi had smashed into the rear of the vehicle. Sadly, the child did not survive the ordeal due to the speed at which the large vessel had hit the car.


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While it may not seem like a reckless speed, the driver of the semi-truck was cruising 55 mph in a 45 mph zone which is plenty fast enough to inflict serious damage.

Our Member Attorney signed the grieving mother on as a client and is currently fighting for a LARGE SETTLEMENT.

“In 2013, about 2,000 youth ages 16 to 19 were killed, and approximately 240,000 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes.” – CDC

As a public service, we can only hope that people read these personal injury case studies and take extra precautions by remaining diligent in staying aware of their surroundings while behind the wheel. Children are precious and a life cut short hurts us all. Tell your clients to buckle up and make sure seat belts are properly fastened each time they get into a car.

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