RW Lynch Yellow Pages PublisherRW Lynch discovered a recent NY Times article reporting on Verizon’s petition to waive the requirement that it deliver White Pages to the residents of New York and several other states (“White Pages May Go the Way of the Rotary Dialed Phone” May 7, 2010). According to Verizon, which cited a Gallup 2008 survey, “only about one of every nine households uses the hard-copy listings anymore” with most people “looking up numbers online.” Verizon, and its publisher SuperMedia, hope to save money on their bottom line by ceasing to distribute the neglected directories. RW Lynch’s Yellow Pages profile has provided us with very little benefit, as well.

However, the NY Times article noted that “SuperMedia would continue to print and distribute the real money-maker, the Yellow Pages, which charges businesses that want prominent display, and the business White Pages, which also generate revenue from display advertising.”

Their “money-maker” just might be your “money-waster.” With the industry in decline, can you afford to put your advertising budget into a medium past its prime? The law firm marketing landscape is changing dramatically – is your firm poised to take advantage of these changes or in danger of being the victim of them? Watch a free presentation on “The State of the Market” and find out what you need to know to stay ahead of the competition. Visit our request page and simply mention in the notes that you’d like access to this free video presentation.

Our goal at RW Lynch is to constantly stay ahead of the market, putting our subscribers’ business in the most visible and valuable locations. But the biggest reward is hearing what our clients say about the calls they receive from the Injury HelpLine®:

“Ever since I started practicing, I’ve always been in the Yellow Pages always buying a bigger ad as they expanded their programs. At one point I was at a 2 page ad which was costing a small fortune. I found that the return on investment was not sufficient to warrant maintaining with that program.
RW Lynch is always tweaking their program and tweaking their systems to provide better cases and cases that are in tune with the work you do. Over the years we’ve signed up almost every type of personal injury case imaginable. From the 7 figure wrongful death case to trucking accidents, other wrongful death cases, slip and fall, auto accidents, product liability, and medical malpractice. I think they are a fabulous company to work with, I am very happy.”

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