RW Lynch Yellow PagesRW Lynch recently stumbled across the following article regarding the future of Yellow Pages:

The Huffington Post recently reported in ‘Yellow Pages Ban Proposed’ about the latest hurdle for the beleaguered books. According to the article, “Statistics suggest that approximately 70% of U.S. adults rarely or never use the phone book.”  San Francisco Board of Supervisors president David Chiu defends the move saying, “It’s time we recognize that the phone books are a 20th century tool that doesn’t meet the business or environmental needs of the 21st century.”

Consumer behavior would tend to agree. A WebVisible/Neilsen report noted as far back as two years ago that “Search engines are the #1 choice of consumers when looking for a local service.”  Even the Yellow Pages publishers got on board, with an aggressive push into the online search space.  However, as the Wall Street Journal reported in their article Extinction Threatens Yellow-Page Publishers, “the strategy hasn’t panned out.”  The article puts in bluntly: “The Yellow Pages industry is running out of lifelines.”

Is your advertising evolving to meet the future?

The law firm marketing landscape is changing dramatically – is your firm poised to take advantage of these changes or in danger of being the victim of them?

Our goal at RW Lynch is to constantly stay ahead of the market, putting our subscribers’ business in the most visible and valuable locations.  But the biggest reward is hearing what our clients say about the calls they receive from the Injury HelpLine®:

“[RW] Lynch, more so than the competition, is doing more to stay ahead of and in front of the game as far as Internet advertising goes. I’m starting to see more of what they’re doing in terms of the Internet and I’m impressed. And I think that’s more and more going to be the wave of the future. I think it’s going to take the place of any hard copy advertising such as Yellow Pages and [RW] Lynch seems to know that and is in front of the game right now. I, in [my first two months] working with [RW] Lynch, signed one probably low to mid six figure case – slip and fall – and that’s impressive.”

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