Many of us are working hard for the weekend or, worse, are working even harder over the weekend. Whether you’re taking time for yourself and your family or working on your caseload, here are a few work-life balance stats we’ve compiled to keep in mind.


Lawyers Need Their Documents

Talk about overload. Attorney’s are buried in their research!

  • A survey performed in 2015 sites that attorneys, on average, were surrounded by 70+ documents a day. That’s in the range of 26K documents per year.



Technology Playing a Role

Once the evening rolls around, try putting your phone down.

  • In a recent study, 40% of American workers say it’s okay to answer a work email, albeit urgent, at the dinner table.



We Enjoy Spending Down Time at Home

Whether it’s watching T.V or spending time with the kids, Americans value their time at home. 

  • 80% of employees’ say their greatest source of stress is not spending as much time at home


Parents Have Busy Schedules

Many parents feel their bosses see their co-workers who aren’t parents as being more productive.

  • 30 to 45% of working dads agreed or strongly agreed that at their workplaces it is assumed that the most productive employees are those who put their work before family life.


Non-Parents are Tired Too

Even without a family, work-life balance is still a priority for employees. 

  • A 2017 survey of 2,200 employees who weren’t parents found the importance of work-life balance came in at 72%, salary at 70% and flexible schedule at 65%.



You Deserve “You Time”

Your mood is easily affected by the number of hours you work.  

  • Those working more than 55 hours per week are at a higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. If that wasn’t bad enough, their risk for depression and anxiety was 1.66 and 1.74 times higher compared to those working 35-40 hours.



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America The Beautiful (and overworked)

Our work-life balance is ranked among the worst in the world. 

  • 38 nations were ranked in a recent work-life balance index. The U.S.A. landed in 30th. Among a host of other countries, The United States ranked below Spain, Belgium, Norway, and Sweden and was only above eight countries in this particular study.


USA and Europe Work Days are Different

France seems to have things figured out. 

  • A 2015 study concluded that the French worked an average of 1,482 hours per year, compared to American workers who were on the job about 1,790 hrs per year.



Maybe it’s Time for a Vacation

  • In a study conducted by Expedia, Europeans are the world’s least-deprived vacationers: Workers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have the option of taking 30 days off compared to Americans who receive between 10 days to 3 weeks off per year.



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