Top RW Lynch Member Attorney Eric L. JensenRW Lynch Member Attorney Eric Jensen is is a trial lawyer focused on personal injury, automobile accidents, insurance claims, premises liability, and workers’ compensation. He is also a Partner at Graham & Jensen, LLC, a full service boutique law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eric graciously agreed to sit down with us and answer a few questions.

How did you decide to become a trial lawyer?

Eric Jensen: I never wanted to be a lawyer or a trial lawyer at all. I wanted to be a doctor when I was in school. Eventually, I got to law school and worked as a law clerk for a firm that did a lot of First Amendment work. They were in court quite a bit. They had some pretty wild and interesting cases.

I learned a lot while I was there, but maybe the most important lesson I learned was that I could have success going to court and trying cases. I did not know at the time that would lead me to become a trial lawyer for injury cases, but here I am.

What has been the most fulfilling aspect of your career so far?

Eric Jensen: It sounds trite, but I think most lawyers who work in this area are fulfilled by helping those who truly need it. We can lose sight of it at times, but it is important to keep in perspective that many clients come to us at a time of extreme crisis.

A major injury can send someone’s world into a tailspin. In some cases, we may be the only people in their corner to help them. If we fail them, it can have a profound effect on that their life and well being. That is a serious obligation, and we do not take it lightly. When we can help those people and their families, and “right” some of the “wrong”, it is gratifying.

How do you approach marketing and business development at your firm?

Eric Jensen: Fish don’t just jump in the boat, you have to cast a lot of lines. My partner and I have done many different things over the years, but there is no substitute for a multi-faceted approach with “active/direct” marketing and “passive/indirect” marketing.

Also, getting high quality results and having happy clients always helps. We do quite a bit of in person networking with doctors and other lawyers. Some of the lawyers do exactly what we do and others do not. We get plenty of referrals from other injury lawyers because they know we will prepare a case the way it should be prepared, work with the clients to set their expectations at each step of the process, and we will go try cases when appropriate and necessary.

We round out our marketing approach with call services like RW Lynch, because there are only so many hours in a day, month, and year that you will have available to network in person.

How does RW Lynch contribute to growing your business?

Eric Jensen: We have used RW Lynch for several years and it has helped us grow the business quite a bit. It has provided many cases for us over the years that have been home runs.

It has also provided a tremendous amount of potential client contacts. Keeping in touch with those contacts is sometimes more valuable than the cases themselves.

What are the keys to succeeding with the RW Lynch program?

Eric Jensen: The keys to success in the program are not complicated, but you have to work on them:

1. Answer your phone/return calls – sounds like a no brainer, right? Like I mentioned, fish don’t usually jump in the boat.

2. Be ready, willing, and able to take/refer out a variety of cases – I handle a few different types of injury cases, and if it’s an area I don’t handle I refer it out to other attorneys I know. That way you are providing value to the client and the referral partner, and receiving value once that case resolves.

3. Have patience and listen to the facts – time is a limited resource and sometimes we have the urge to make a quick judgment and pass on a case. I have taken more than one case where at first pass it sounded like a “sorry, you don’t have a case” situation, but after hearing all of the facts it turned out to be something I could help with.


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