Victor McCallOur new Top RW Lynch Member Attorney Victor McCall is a Partner at Atwood & McCall, PLLC, a Dallas boutique law firm that focuses on Asset Protection Planning, Business law, Estate and Tax Planning as well as Personal Injury Litigation. 

He keeps it short and sweet during our recent interview. 

What are the keys of success when handling personal injury cases?

Victor McCall: Detailed intake, constant client contact, thoroughly working the case up, and having our clients’ best interest at heart.

How do you approach marketing and business development at your firm?

Victor McCall: We do a lot of one-on-one marketing with direct meetings with referral sources such as other attorneys, doctors, independent insurance agencies, body repair shops, and business owners who have a fleet of vehicles.

What advertising have you tried that hasn’t worked?

Victor McCall: The only advertising that we have ever done is with RW Lynch.

 How does RW Lynch contribute to growing your business?

Victor McCall: We have increased our client intake by at least a third. Some of our best damage cases have come from our RW Lynch program.

What has been the most fulfilling Injury Helpline case so far?

Victor McCall: Our most interesting case at the moment is a butane can explosion burn case.

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