Top RW Lynch Member Attorney Ryan FisherRW Lynch Member Attorney Ryan Fisher has been a trial attorney for 19 years. He focuses his practice on plaintiff personal injury litigation. He is also one of the Partners at Lowe Eklund Wakefield Co., LPA, a Cleveland law firm specializing in auto defect, car and truck accidents, workplace injuries and medical malpractice cases in Ohio and Nationwide. Ryan was happy to answer a few questions about his personal injury practice for us.

How did you decide to become a personal injury lawyer?

Ryan Fisher: I got a job in law school as a law clerk for a firm that did only PI, Workers Compensation and Social Security disability appeals. All these areas of practice had the common theme of representing seriously injured people who were really being taken advantage of by insurance companies, state government or the federal government.

I learned very early that the most disadvantaged in our society are the ones who are also treated the most unfairly. Since learning that sad truth back in the 1980’s the degree to which these folks are taken advantage of has only worsened. Many of their rights are now also being stolen by the legislature under the guise of “tort reform.” For many of these folks we are the only voice that they have.

What has been the most fulfilling aspect of your career so far?

Ryan Fisher: Winning. Nothing is more satisfying than representing a person or family that is desperately in need of help. They may have been rebuked at every turn by the insurance company, defense attorneys and defense doctors, even to the point of being called liars. Winning such case at trial and having a grateful and appreciative client after a long-fought battle is absolutely the most satisfying part of this job.

How do you approach marketing and business development at your firm?

Ryan Fisher: RW Lynch has been an important part of our marketing campaign for years. We have a PR company on retainer that does our publicity, blogging and web site design and maintenance.

We do not do any direct marketing or TV advertising, so we depend to a large extent on RW Lynch to make the phone ring. They have been doing a great job at that for well over ten years for us.

Lawyer to lawyer marketing has also been a major part of our efforts. We also do some radio “infomercials” which have been successful as well.

How does RW Lynch contribute to growing your business?

Ryan Fisher: Before becoming involved with RW Lynch I interviewed about ten companies with various marketing schemes and strategies. RW Lynch was the only one who I felt was completely reputable, had experience and didn’t try to put the “hard sell” on me. Also, their TV ads were very dignified and I wasn’t at all embarrassed to be associated with those ads.

Consistently we get dozens of Injury HelpLine calls a month from prospective clients. While the results vary from month to month, rarely does a month go by without signing up at least one solid case. Many months we sign up multiple cases. Over the years I would estimate that I’ve received well over 10 six-figure cases from RW Lynch referrals.

Would you recommend the RW Lynch program to others and why?

Ryan Fisher: Yes. The RW Lynch Injury Helpline allows small and medium sized injury firms to compete in the marketplace without a seven-figure advertising budget.

Online the Injury Helpline comes up as a sponsored listing on almost every Google search for injury lawyers in my area. The company does a great job getting in touch with me. They connect me to injured people by phone, text and email 24/7 whenever a referral comes in. I think prospective clients like to talk to a lawyer immediately rather than waiting until the next business day.


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