Getting new personal injury clients is becoming difficult

When trying to attract new clients online, personal injury lawyers are struggling amid increasing levels of competition. A typical PPC Campaign is expensive, complex and time-consuming to execute.

How can sole practitioners and small to mid-sized personal injury firms stand out when faced with one of the most competitive online marketing landscapes in the world? We offer a fresh perspective on how to survive and thrive in the Era of Google Search.

How to thrive in the Era of Google Search

How do people find a personal injury lawyer?

10 years ago someone involved in an accident would have typically called friends and family to ask for a recommendation on a good personal injury lawyer. Today’s personal injury clients are very different. Many people, particularly those under 35, now rely on the Internet to find legal representation.

A typical search for legal representation predictably starts out on Google. An injury victim in Houston for example will type “personal injury lawyer Houston” or something similar into Google’s search box. As of today his search leads to an astonishing 1,440,000 search results. The first page of those results alone displays 7 PPC (Pay Per Click) ads from different legal service providers. Each PPC ad contains a different promise, while broadcasting large settlements won and throwing around a variety of awards and attorney rankings. We invite you to try a similar exercise for your home town. Go ahead and mock-search for legal representation in your area! The result should not differ too much from what we’ve just described.

Competition is driving up search marketing costs

The level of competition personal injury lawyers experience online has become a major hurdle to on-boarding new clients. Running PPC campaigns and similar paid search marketing tactics is so expensive that it’s truly not for the faint of heart. A typical Google Adwords Campaign requires law firms to bid on personal injury lawyer keywords that can easily cost hundreds of dollars per click.

Let’s illustrate this by continuing with our previous experiment. If you were a Houston lawyer interested in attracting a car accident victim, which keywords would you pick for your PPC campaign? How much would they cost? Below you will find a table of a few possible keywords with their approximate current cost.

Getting anxious yet? Remember, the amounts listed here are just the cost of having 1 person click on your Google Ad. Most clicks DO NOT turn into actual calls to your firm. The average ratio of people who will actually click on your ad and then convert into a possible claimant is 1 in 10. This means you need to be prepared to pay several thousand dollars to earn 1 potential client visit, without a promise of a case at that.

More and more internet-savvy lawyers are graduating and choosing personal injury as the niche to specialize in. So the situation, if anything, will likely deteriorate, making it more and more difficult and expensive to stand out online.

As it is, many personal injury law firms are already spending 50-100,000$ per month on Google advertising campaigns. Sole practitioners and small to medium sized law firms will need to think differently if they want to stay in the game and remain visible, despite growing competitive pressure and rising costs. Let’s start to think differently by stating one fundamental idea: You don’t have to go it alone! 

Strength in unity

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have found ingenious ways of banding together to face adversity. Seeking strength in unity is a well-know strategy that ensures the survival of many professional collectives in a variety of industries. Think of trade associations, cooperatives, franchises or professional associations such as a PPO network of medical professionals. The legal industry is no different.

In fact, at RW Lynch we have 34 years of experience managing the largest network of personal injury attorneys in the Nation. Together, our Member Attorneys surpass the competitive power of even the largest of personal injury law firms. This gives them the peace of mind of knowing that even when the going gets tough they will stay afloat thanks to efficiently and effectively pooling their resources.

How to thrive in the Era of Google Search - band together to face adversityAs part of Member Services, our Injury HelpLine® takes care of the complex online marketing effort needed to survive in this industry. This includes running costly PPC campaigns. Our search marketing experts run these locally and nationwide for a variety of personal injury niches ranging from car accidents to product liability. While the Injury HelpLine® takes care of marketing, our Member Attorneys can focus on doing what they do best, and that’s practicing the law.

Lessons from the humble honey bee

Let’s take the example of a bee hive: No single bee can survive on its own. Together however, they form a resilient super-organism characterized by an efficient division of labor. Within the hive, every bee must carry out their own duties and co-operate with one another for survival. We operate in an analogous fashion.

How to thrive in the Era of Google Search - the example of the honey bee

Not only do we capitalize on the idea of strength through unity and the observance of an efficient division of labor, we also build on the concept of cooperation instead of competition. Each of our Member Attorneys manages an exclusive geographical area or “Membership Zone”. Each Zone encompasses various adjacent Zip codes and contains a community of individuals in need of legal representation. Our Injury HelpLine® legal network connects every injury victim within a Membership Zone EXCLUSIVELY with the Member Attorney responsible for that Zone. This protects our Members from having to share calls from injury victims within their community. The absence of competition allows each Member Attorney to focus every effort on winning case after case for victims under his responsibility.

As is the case in Nature, our model has survived the test of time. With over three decades in the business, we have more than proven our resilience. What’s more, we have been able to help over 4 million injury victims while simultaneously enabling our Members to grow and thrive!  As we approach our 34th anniversary, we look forward to improving the lives of injury victims for many years to come. We are confident that our business model is ideally positioned to do so.

Find out more about how we work by reading through our Program Overview or contact us to discuss Membership Options.


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