RW Lynch Yellow Pages BannedRW Lynch thought you’d be interested in hearing about this latest news on the future of phone books:

It’s official … and making front page national news. In USA TODAY’s recent front-page article Phone-Book Delivery Vanishing, the paper reports “Phone books, long a staple of U.S. life, are fading quickly.” While the white-pages are the hardest hit, even “the lucrative Yellow Pages” are “also a target” with “two U.S. cities recently pass[ing] ordinances restricting delivery of Yellow Pages and at least five states considering the same.”

Although Yellow Pages industry representatives insist that “75% [of consumers] use the Yellow Pages,” the actual research from which this statistic is cited was conducted in 2002 – nearly a decade ago! More recent data from WebVisible/Neilsen (although still two years old) supports the clear trend – “Consumers use search engines 72% more than they did two years ago [in 2000]” and “Search engines are the #1 choice of consumers when looking for a local product or service.” Our own Yellow Pages profile has become more of a dead directory page rather than a viable source of leads.

There is No Time to Waste

With directory advertising nearing extinction, hundreds of thousands of former directory advertisers are looking for new ways to reach prospective clients. Don’t let them beat you to the punch. Spaces in modern advertising models are limited and without a partnership with a dominant, diversified advertising group, you may be left out in the cold when the books stop dropping on doorsteps.

RW Lynch partners with only a select group of firms, and will never work with more than one firm in a geographic area. Although many of our markets have waitlists of several years, there are still prime areas available near you. Visit us at or give us a call at 1-800-594-8940 and let us show you how to get a better return on your advertising dollar this year.

“We’ve done directories, we’ve done local newspapers, we’ve done regional newspapers, we’ve done some television, we’ve done direct mailings… and so far the experience with RW Lynch has been the best we’ve had… Within a week of starting on the system we had two or three cases already signed up! This firm has handled over 12,000 cases over the years. We’ve covered the gamut of different advertising things and this system is perfect. It’s pretty much a foolproof system.”

To learn more about RW Lynch, or to inquire about InjuryHelpLine® subscription opportunities for your practice, please visit or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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