Why First Impressions Are Important

Posted on June 11, 2014

RW Lynch Good ImpressionIt is often said that a first impression can be a last impression. For attorneys, especially Personal Injury Attorneys who have to fiercely fight for business in such a highly competitive market, much like those who participate in the RW Lynch marketing program, making a great first impression is essential with new clients!

Studies have shown that it takes approximately 3 seconds for a person to evaluate you based on appearance, body language, demeanor and mannerisms. This first impression sets the tone for the relationship to follow. Just as you are judging whether they are a good fit for you as your client, they too are judging whether you are the type of attorney they see fit to represent them in their case.

Although many first impressions can be misconceptions, they are almost entirely irreversible. As you know, trying to grow your firm and acquire new clients with strong, lucrative cases, can be very difficult. Putting in the extra effort to make the best impression possible, can give you that edge many of your competitors don’t have!

As obvious as it seems, not only should you present yourself physically professional with appropriate clothing, grooming and hygiene, but you must also present yourself conversationally with excellent manners. As simple as this is, these small things are what “makes-it or breaks-it” when signing a new client. If you appear to be too casual, you may give the impression that you will approach their case with the same casual attitude and not with the urgency and concern they feel is needed.

We are all guilty at times for forgetting to put our best foot forward. Sometimes we are having a bad day or have other things on our minds and it can come across negative. In order to cultivate a good relationship and maintain a high standard of service, here are some tips we can all use for making a great first impression and leaving behind our other daily stresses:

  • Show interest in their case immediately
  • Be confident
  • Demonstrate knowledge and competence
  • Be positive
  • Have a smile on your face and in your voice
  • Be courteous and attentive to their needs
  • Be reliable

You are being judged from the moment a potential client reaches out to you. Bringing in new cases is what keeps your firm in business and you cannot bring in new cases without clients. Your first impression is the key to your success.

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