The GoldenList is making our Member Attorneys even more competitive.

The GoldenList is making our Member Attorneys even more competitive

There’s been much excitement among our Attorneys around the “GoldenList”, our latest Member success tool. This proprietary cloud based Lead Management software is completely FREE for all RW Lynch Members. And it has made our business-savvy Attorneys even more competitive.

We love to be part of our Members’ business success, so we thought we’d share the story of how the GoldenList has made such an impact.

How do I get access to the GoldenList? Is it REALLY free?

Attorneys who join our Nationwide Network of Personal Injury Law Firms automatically get access to the “GoldenList”, our cloud-based lead management software. We designed it to work on any device. It’s user-friendly, easy-to-use legal software tailored to the needs of personal injury attorneys. In addition, it serves as a 24/7 communication portal between RW Lynch and its Members.

And yes, the GoldenList really is free! There is no need to worry about subscription fees of software licenses. We want to support your firm’s growth. The GoldenList is one of the many ways in which we hope to accomplish this.

How does the GoldenList work?

With the GoldenList, our Member Attorneys can stop worrying about fielding calls from victims and painstakingly gathering all the information for each case opportunity. Everything is already in the system by the time a Member gets on the phone with a new potential client.

Here’s how it works: Whenever our Injury HelpLine receives a valid help request from an injury victim in your area, we open a new case file in the GoldenList. Each case file includes core data such as name of the victim, time of contact, method of contact (website form, call), type of injury and date of the accident. We also open one or more contact records with details of each of the people associated with a case file. That way you can re-market to those people at a later time and obtain 2nd generation referrals.

As soon as the case file is open, the Member Attorney will get notified of the opportunity, either by phone, via email or by text message. Notifications can be customized by attorney, day and time of day in the “Settings” section of the GoldenList. This allows you to control where and when you receive calls from the Injury HelpLine, so you can maximize your opportunities for live call transfer.

The GoldenList is a communication portal between RW Lynch and our Member Attorneys.

Day to day Lead Management with the GoldenList

The GoldenList allows Members to manage Injury HelpLine case files as well as their own case opportunities.  You can use the software at any time and from any device to access and update case and contact details.

Categorize each file by a status such as “referred out”, “under investigation” or “opened case file”. Or assign an estimated value to each opportunity. You can also enter an accident and a statute of limitations date, take notes and record a lead source for each case opportunity.

A built-in reporting tool allows attorneys to run reports on case types, opportunity sources, live transfer statistics and a variety of other data.

Finally, we have added an email management module to the software. The email feature allows you to orchestrate your own email campaigns to injury victims directly through the GoldenList. This way it’s easy to gain further 2nd and 3rd generation referrals.

All this functionality greatly simplifies day to day lead management, giving attorneys greater insights and control over their leads. It also saves our Members time, which they can then spend on generating more billable hours.

The GoldenList is making our Member Attorneys even more competitive, because they can track, manage and rate each case file.

How does the GoldenList work if you already have a full-fledged case management software?

Many of our clients use other legal software that may offer overlapping functionality. Not a problem! You can easily import and export data from the GoldenList.

You can also opt out of using our free software on a daily basis. In that case we recommend that you run monthly reports on the GoldenList. This will allow you to gauge your success and ROI with the Injury HelpLine Network.

The GoldenList, our cloud based lead management software, is making our Members even more competitive.

Use our Rating System to get the types of cases you want – our Best Kept Secret!

Within the GoldenList our Members rate each case file with a star system that ranges from 1-5 stars. Giving a case file 4 or 5 stars signals that an opportunity is in line with the type and quality of cases a firm desires. It’s as easy as rating on Netflix!

New ratings are seen real time by our Account Executive Team and our Media Planners. For us, it’s instant feedback on how we are performing. Our 24/7 media teams also use the ratings to pinpoint advertising patterns that have generated great opportunities for Members and to adjust their media portfolio if needed.

Pesonal Injury Attorneys who are part of our legal Network can rate each of their case files through our free GoldenList.

As you can see, the GoldenList is a key communication tool that allows us to continuously work with our Members to refine the type and quality of the cases delivered. But don’t worry, aside from the ratings all other case data in the GoldenList remains confidential. It cannot be accessed by anyone other than the Member Attorney himself.

Contact us to explore Membership Options.

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