RW Lynch The EconomistRW Lynch recognizes that the legal market has changed dramatically in the last decade, wracked by recession, a flood of new graduates, and sharply increased competition.

A recent article entitled “Law Firms: A Less Gilded Future” in The Economist sums up the current state of the industry as follows: “Ever-growing profits are no longer guaranteed. Nor, for some firms, is survival.”

The article is blunt on the future of the profession: “More firms must not only employ fewer lawyers but also compete for market share as never before … Ultimately, lawyering is becoming more of a business than a profession. Some lawyers decry this. Others welcome it. Few deny it. Because the American market cannot grow as it used to, firms will have to find new strategies and make use of sophisticated branding to stand out.”

At RW Lynch, we understand that building your practice is about more than great legal work or flashy advertising. It takes an integrated approach of generating targeted leads and managing those leads to transform them into paying clients and word of mouth evangelists. Lucky for you, after 27 years in the industry RW Lynch has perfected a total marketing solution that puts massive PI practice growth within easy and affordable reach. Contact RW Lynch and discover how to protect your firm in today’s market and grow your practice for less than you might think.

To learn more about RW Lynch, or to inquire about InjuryHelpLine® subscription opportunities for your practice, please visit or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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