RW Lynch DosAndDontsFor attorneys that are interested in growing their legal practices, marketing and lead generation companies are typically evaluated as an option to  expedite the process. Often times, lead generation services are a great alternative to investing and managing your own brand marketing and advertising campaigns, which can be both costly and time consuming for the average attorney. There are a slew of companies that will make you a lot of promises, but how do you know which ones are legitimate?

What steps should you take before you decide the right company for your firm’s needs?

Do Research Personal Injury Lead Generation

Not all lead generation services are equal. Some will scam you. Some will give you old or undesirable leads. Some will give you leads but don’t offer additional marketing services and support that will ensure continued success.

Research several companies and find out their reputation. Look for a company with longevity, positive client testimonials and a desire to see your law firm succeed. One who knows that their best interest as a marketing firm is to do whatever it takes to grow your law firm; their success is 100% dependent upon yours. No other lead generation service will be worth your hard earned dollars if they don’t care enough to be the best.

Don’t Simply Pay for Leads, Invest in Growing Your Practice

Be wary of companies that encourage a short-term approach to your advertising needs. Marketing and advertising is an ongoing commitment. Any successful advertising program, whether it’s done internally or through lead generation services requires two things: patience and time. A consistent stream of new potential clients is the key to long-term, sustained growth for any firm. This can’t be done with a stop and start approach to your marketing.

Don’t Ignore Personal Injury Industry Trends

Effective marketing for a personal injury practice is changing and evolving. It is imperative that you invest in an advertising service that follows closely with potential client’s search behaviors. The firm must employ a diversified approach that will reach at anytime a wide variety of potential clients. Advances in media means potential clients use various devices to stay connected. Whether it’s TV, internet or mobile, the right company will employ more than one of these sources to generate leads for your firm. Using an agency that employs only one of these methods means you are putting all your eggs in one basket – which is never an effective way to spend your advertising dollars.

Paid lead generation can be beneficial when used and managed correctly. Finding the right legal marketing firm can be challenging. However, it may be worth considering one that can provide you with an all-inclusive program that offers exclusive, quality leads in your geographic area.

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