Another tax season has come and gone. Tax time can be stressful for many small to mid-sized business owners and attorneys are certainly not an exception to the rule.


Here are some deductions to keep in mind while you prepare your taxes and go over your AGI with your accountant.



Head on flights to yearly conferences? Whether your travel is by air, train, or auto, the expense is deductible. Meeting a client who lives the next county over from you? Mileage is a tax deduction too. Travel expenses, including baggage costs, meals, and lodging, even dry cleaning, are all legitimate through the eyes of the IRS and seen as a tax write-off.



Contract Employees:

If you hired contract labor, a Content Marketer, for example, the fees you pay them can be deducted.  This is done by claiming business deductions on a Schedule C form, a form from the IRS that is used to report business income.





A Lead Generation Service:

Many Personal Injury Attorneys we speak with are aware of the expenses that come with marketing and lead generation. That said, many of them don’t realize that the exclusive membership program we offer at RW Lynch is deductible. Leads come in helping your bottom line and you can claim the expense of being a member once it comes time to file your taxes.


Contact us to learn more about our membership network.



Charitable Deductions:

Charitable donations are deductible and a great way to generate PR for your firm. When you give to a local charity it embeds you in the pulse of your community. In terms of local marketing, this gives your brand an identity relating to the charity you are supporting and puts the name of your firm in the minds of people who live by you.



Our lead generation service will ensure you see ROI. Along with the RW Lynch membership being a tax write-off, we provide further value by being a liaison between injury victims and you. To find out more about our program, contact us today.


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