Takeout Food Leads to Surprise Injury

Posted on May 29, 2018

Sometimes a call will come into the Injury HelpLine that concerns an issue involving an eatery and a severe case of food poisoning. Other times, a restaurant is a culprit behind a scenario that can only be described as irresponsible. That’s where this particular case comes into play.


Our Member Attorney out of Oklahoma City reported back to us on what can only be described as a painful and shocking surprise from a caller. The injury victim had gone through the normal routine of ordering takeout food from a local establishment.

The food was delivered to him and was contained in disposable materials such as paper wrapping and, like most take-out food,  it was intentionally packaged so that it was easy to consume right out of the bag.


The caller bit into his meal and found himself in immediate pain. While taking a sizable bite, the victim failed to notice shattered fragments of a broken plate mixed in with his meal. The caller bit down into the food and badly damaged his mouth.

This ordeal resulted in agonizing pain and caused extensive damage to the caller’s mouth that required many stages of lengthy and expensive reconstructive dental surgery.  The caller contacted our Member Attorney and, after describing the circumstances, was promptly signed on as a new client.


The attorney estimates that this will be a quick settlement in which his client will receive an adequate sum to help him through this painful experience and all the expenses that accompany it.


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