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‘Mobilegeddon’ has been taking over the internet this week. On Tuesday, Google announced a big change to its search algorithm. What does that mean for your law firm website?

Google’s newest update will essentially give a boost in organic (non-paid) search results to websites that are mobile friendly. The idea is to encourage website developers to create websites that are more user friendly on smart phones. The more mobile friendly and content rich the website is, the higher it will rank in Google’s organic search results.

Google spokeswoman Krisztina Radosavljevic-Szilagyi explained, “As people increasingly search on their mobile devices, we want to make sure they can find content that’s not only relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens.”

According to NPR, Google stated that as soon as a website is made mobile friendly, its position within the search results will begin to improve. This is excellent news for law firms that have not yet made the move to a responsive, mobile friendly, website. Google’s latest news is saturating the internet. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your law firm’s internet presence by improving your rank on Google.

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RW Lynch would like to congratulate the Legal Marketing Association on 30 years of excellence! Watch their video, A Brief History of Legal Marketing, below to learn the history of how the organization began and some of their major accomplishments.

For 30 years, the Legal Marketing Association has been the voice of legal marketing professionals and attorneys looking to develop their practices. LMA is a not-for-profit professional organization founded in 1985. The organization serves the needs and maintains the professional standards of the men and women involved in marketing, business development, client service and communications within the legal profession.

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Legal Marketing Trends to Consider in 2015

Posted on January 13, 2015

RW Lynch 2015 Legal Trends

2015 is officially here, and with the new year comes a focus on the latest trends in legal marketing. With every year that passes, technology becomes more powerful and it allows consumers more ways to search, learn and gain access to attorneys. As a personal injury attorney, you know that “keeping up with the times” is essential to not only growing your caseload but also sustaining your practice.

Personal Injury Marketing Trends 2015

A Website Isn’t Recommended, It’s Essential

If growth is your plan for 2015, then you must have a website. According to a study done by Hinge Research, 77% of all leads are generated online! Your website should include more than just your contact information and what types of cases you specialize in. It should also include reading materials for injured claimants to prepare for what’s ahead, whether or not you take cases on a contingency basis, your success stories and why you are the right attorney for prospective clients.

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BalancingActBlogSan Ramon, CA (December 2014) – On December 12 and December 19, 2014, the Injury HelpLine® will be featured on an episode of The Balancing Act® at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime to help educate viewers about the personal injury legal process and how to obtain legal counsel after one has been in an accident.

In the aftermath of an accident, the stress and anxiety that come with it can be overwhelming and even incapacitating at times. Anush Alexander, Vice President of Marketing at the Injury HelpLine® (and RW Lynch, parent company) along with Personal Injury Attorney Eric Jensen, spoke to The Balancing Act’s® host, Julie Moran, about what steps to take after an accident and the importance of seeking legal counsel to protect one’s interests.

While an initial settlement from an insurance company might be tempting, Ms. Alexander and Mr. Jensen will highlight, in this segment, why it may not be in the best interest of the injured person, their future, or their family’s future.

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RW Lynch ConvertLeadsEvery day, people throughout the country need personal injury legal services. In every market, there are numerous choices for the legal consumer. And competition amongst attorneys vying for personal injury cases is only getting tougher as more lawyers graduate law school and open their own practices. So how can you not only generate personal injury leads but convert them into clients?

Personal Injury Lead Generation

The first step in converting more leads is understanding your lead generation process. What kinds of marketing and advertising activities are used by your firm to generate leads?

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RW Lynch 30th Anniversary We are excited to announce that RW Lynch is celebrating its 30th year as the pioneer of legal group marketing. For 3 straight decades, cutting edge technology and a keen foresight, has kept RW Lynch the leader in Personal Injury Marketing. As the excitement builds around the longevity of the company, it inspires our team to continue striving to be the best and to continue providing the leading marketing solution for Personal Injury Attorneys, nationwide.

Over the years RW Lynch has embraced and relished being at the cusp of every new development. From television advertising, to online marketing, to lead acquisition and management, RW Lynch is always one step ahead of the rest. Perseverance, research and a strong team has kept RW Lynch alive and strong for 3 decades while setting the stage for great things yet to come.

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RW Lynch Florida Supreme CourtOn March 13, 2014 in a 5-2 decision, the Florida Supreme Court found that caps on non-economic damages violates the state’s equal protection clause. When there are multiple plaintiffs the compensation that each individual receives is significantly less due to the maximum a case can win, making it unfair for the deceased’s survivors.

The caps were initially set in place in attempt to stabilize malpractice insurance and to prevent an unnecessary rise in health care costs. Opponents contend that without caps, malpractice insurance will sky-rocket and the number of lawsuits will increase making it too risky for doctors to practice in Florida, especially those that perform more dangerous procedures. This in turn may force doctors to move their practices out of the state making it more difficult for patients to find necessary health care. However, the court noted that “the conclusions reached by the Florida Legislature as to the existence of a medical malpractice crises are not fully supported by available data.” Therefore, the ruling that the caps are “unconstitutional” per Florida state law, should not drastically affect access to health care but will in turn allow families to be rightfully compensated for their loss.

This decision is a huge win for medical malpractice and plaintiff’s lawyers generally in Florida. It also has particular significance as Florida legislators will soon be voting on a similar law that would impact a patient’s right to sue their doctors by allowing physicians to compel their patients to sign a waiver requiring them to go to arbitration for malpractice claims. This decision could also influence several other states that are facing similar cases involving “tort reform” throughout the country.

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