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Member Attorney Helps Injured Handyman

Posted on April 20, 2018

An experienced handyman, hired to do odd jobs and repairs for a grocery store in rural Mississippi, was asked by the store’s management to investigate some rooftop leaks.


Upon climbing on top of the roof, he discovered that huge areas had rotted away. Unfortunately, the discovery came a moment too late. He took a misstep and proceeded to fall through the rotted ceiling back into the interior of the store.  He passed out due to the impact of the fall and has no recollection of landing on the floor of the store.


He awoke three days later in ICU with multiple broken bones in his body. The injuries he took on were severe and would set him back for many months in terms of his finances.  After seeing The Injury HelpLine® ad, he placed a call to us for help. We routed the call to our Network Member Attorney immediately.


The attorney spoke with the man and, without hesitation, drove 100 miles to sign the case.  This is a premises liability issue and they are suing the store owners. The attorney is currently working on receiving a large settlement on behalf of the client.


Contact us to grow your practice


After 33 years, we are proud to have helped millions of families recover from devastating losses. Every day we connect these injured people, who have endured horrific circumstances, fix their lives and put them back together while making law firms like yours thrive at the same time.


RW Lynch has connected members of the community with attorneys living in their region since 1984. Our program is tried and true. We receive a 1,000.00+ calls per week from people looking for legal representation. Join our nationwide network of Personal Injury Attorneys today to own your own geographical region where the leads come to you and only you.


Contact us today for more info.

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A grief-stricken mother recently called The Injury Helpline regarding the death of her son who passed away in a disastrous auto accident.


A young man was driving by himself down a narrow road in the middle of the night. The region was cloaked in dense fog and visibility was terribly low. Seemingly out of nowhere, a vehicle suddenly pulled out in front of him from a side road causing the young man to swerve violently into oncoming traffic.  The resulting head-on collision instantly killed both drivers while the driver who pulled out of the side road looked on in shock.

Through The Injury HelpLine, our RW Lynch Network Member Attorney spoke with the young man’s mom and instantly signed the case. The attorney will be suing the other driver for negligent driving, resulting in the wrongful death of the caller’s son.  The attorney also noted that the accident happened in a county very favorable to plaintiff cases.


Contact us to learn more about our membership network.


The attorney is currently fighting for a large settlement for the family.

While no case can ever bring back the loss of a child for a parent, we can only help that the service they receive and the settlement our Member Attorney is currently fighting for will help lend itself to the healing process in some way shape or form. We commend our Network Member Attorney in his efforts to help out a grieving mother in their community.

We operate nationwide through a series of exclusive market areas we call “Membership Zones“. Each Membership Zone is managed by one and only one Member Attorney and encompasses various adjacent zip codes. Here’s how to explore available Zones, demographics and other info.

  1. Input a zip code to find the Membership Zone it belongs to.
  2. Decide which available Zone is of interest to you.
  3. Request a price quote.


The Injury HelpLine connects injury victims to attorneys across the country.

Since 1984, we have worked with hundreds of attorneys across the country to help Americans of all shapes and sizes when they need it most. Contact us today for more information and to become a member of our network for personal injury attorneys.


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Another tax season has come and gone. Tax time can be stressful for many small to mid-sized business owners and attorneys are certainly not an exception to the rule.


Here are some deductions to keep in mind while you prepare your taxes and go over your AGI with your accountant.



Head on flights to yearly conferences? Whether your travel is by air, train, or auto, the expense is deductible. Meeting a client who lives the next county over from you? Mileage is a tax deduction too. Travel expenses, including baggage costs, meals, and lodging, even dry cleaning, are all legitimate through the eyes of the IRS and seen as a tax write-off.



Contract Employees:

If you hired contract labor, a Content Marketer, for example, the fees you pay them can be deducted.  This is done by claiming business deductions on a Schedule C form, a form from the IRS that is used to report business income.





A Lead Generation Service:

Many Personal Injury Attorneys we speak with are aware of the expenses that come with marketing and lead generation. That said, many of them don’t realize that the exclusive membership program we offer at RW Lynch is deductible. Leads come in helping your bottom line and you can claim the expense of being a member once it comes time to file your taxes.


Contact us to learn more about our membership network.



Charitable Deductions:

Charitable donations are deductible and a great way to generate PR for your firm. When you give to a local charity it embeds you in the pulse of your community. In terms of local marketing, this gives your brand an identity relating to the charity you are supporting and puts the name of your firm in the minds of people who live by you.



Our lead generation service will ensure you see ROI. Along with the RW Lynch membership being a tax write-off, we provide further value by being a liaison between injury victims and you. To find out more about our program, contact us today.


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“I joined RW Lynch to increase the number of personal injury cases I receive.”

“I’m able to get a good number of cases by which I can generate money to run my office, to run my advertising. It saves me time.”


What does it mean to join an exclusive network?

When you become a member of RW Lynch you are signed up to take over one zone or more in your region where calls that are generated through The Injury HelpLine come to you and only you. If a call from an injury victim comes in from your region, no one else gets that call. This element of our program holds tremendous value for our Network Member Attorneys and we stand by it as a core strength of our business model.


How do I join?

By contacting one of our Account Executives and discussing your region to see if it’s currently available. We then evaluate your needs and discuss what type of plan that is right for you. Our team is more than happy to show you how the program works and can even set up a time to give you a presentation to go into detail.

Contact us to learn more about our membership network.


How long has RW Lynch been in business for?

The Injury HelpLine has been live and active for people across this country (and Mexico and Canada) since 1984. This proven business model has helped thousands of attorneys grow their practice and has been able to provide millions of injury victims with an attorney in their area who are able to take on their case.


We operate nationwide through a series of exclusive market areas we call “Membership Zones”. Each Membership Zone is managed by one and only one Member Attorney and encompasses various adjacent zip codes.

Contact us today to find out more about our program and to see if your zone is available.


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San Antonio, Texas – An elderly lady and her spouse went on their weekly shopping trip to a megastore. The elderly lady and her husband were strolling the aisles getting their necessities when they noticed another older woman struggling to load a case of water into her shopping cart.



Being a good Samaritan, the elderly lady went to assist her solo neighbor-in-need when she suddenly slipped on a pool of water resting in front of a water fountain. The fall completely caught her by surprise. She tore her rotator cuff, injured her arm, and experienced sudden and severe pain.




Luckily she was in the good company of her loving husband who jumped to her aid right away. The woman, who initially wanted the case of water, went to get an employee while the elderly lady’s husband called 911. Apparently, water had been dripping from the fountain for a sustained amount of time and there was no sign or warning around the area that indicated any type of potential hazard.



After taking care of his injured wife, the frustrated husband immediately sprang into action taking many pictures of the scene where the incident took place. Not only was there no signage to warn of the possible hazard by the water fountain, they also noticed that there was no anti-slip mat placed by the leak. This was clearly a scenario where the negligence of the management and staff at the store was an issue. The injuries were going to cost the elderly couple much more than they would be able to afford.



Performing proper due diligence, the couple made visits to several other mega store locations to take photos of similar water fountains with the proper mat in place.


Market Pricing and Availability


Our attorney, who connected with the couple through The Injury Helpline®, thought it was a fantastic case with ample evidence and proof and signed her up immediately.


Are you a personal injury attorney looking for client leads? Each Membership Zone is managed by one and only one Member Attorney and encompasses various adjacent zip codes. Here’s how to explore available Zones, demographics and other info.

  1. Input a zip code to find the Membership Zone it belongs to.
  2. Decide which available Zone is of interest to you.
  3. Request a price quote.


Contact us to learn more about our membership network.



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“I’d encourage those people that have questions to consider seriously about engaging RW Lynch because I think it’s a good program.”



“RW Lynch has been a professional group and I’ve been grateful for the referrals that they’ve made to me personally. I’ve never lost money for any particular year that I’ve used RW Lynch. In fact, about the lowest I’ve ever had, I’ve made about four times that amount of money that I’ve spent. So, the chances are, I’m going to make money by using RW Lynch.”


Contact us to grow your practice

Exclusive Calls, Better Quality = Higher Return on your Investment!


Exclusive leads (avg rates per lead)

10 x $300 = $3000 x 20% (avg conversion) => 2 new cases

no competition, more time spent on the larger cases



Grow your client base! All it takes is joining the network, receiving the calls, discussing a potential clients situation, and getting the new case. We’ll help bring in the leads so you can spend more time helping the people who contact your firm.

When you work with RW Lynch you are being supported by a team of marketers and experts who know how to generate leads. We work together to help you build out your Personal Injury Law practice. The program has been running since 1984 and, through The Injury HelpLine, we have connected thousands of attorneys with injury victims across the country.

Lawyers who work with RW Lynch return to our program time and time again because it’s effective and the results are tried and true.

If ROI is a top concern, as it is for all businesses, then the investment you make in becoming an exclusive member of our attorney network is a wise approach. We work hand in hand with you and your team to make sure calls are coming in. Exclusivity is a core value of our program. The area you manage is yours and only yours when you join our program.

If you would like to learn more about the RW Lynch Lead Generation Program and the industry-leading ROI that we provide for clients, register for a 15-minute Program Tour or contact us.

Follow us on Twitter for legal marketing tips and industry news!

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The Trends Putting Pressure on Law Firms

Posted on February 27, 2018


An increase in major settlements for pro se litigants is not what we predict for this next year, but we do notice other important trends impacting your industry. Market consolidation, downward pricing pressure, and new technology are all having a significant impact. How is this directly impacting your firm, and how should you respond?

Consolidation of Firms

This is perhaps the most obvious trend. The industry is consolidating as larger firms move into lateral markets. Demand growth has been modest during the past several years, while volatility has significantly increased. According to a recent report, over 71% of firms failed to see two consecutive years of demand growth.* This means that fewer firms are realizing demand growth, and the majority of firms are seeing either flat or decreasing demand. The expectation is that large firms will continue to expand and put pressure on smaller firms. We encourage that you are not part of that 71%, and we’ll explain how, a bit later.

Downward Pricing Pressure

As the above trend continues to impact the industry, smaller firms are experiencing increased pricing pressure. Developing and managing an effective pricing model is already a challenge. Ensuring that your pricing model is competitive, however, is an entirely different matter. Today’s clients are demanding more for less. A recent infographic illustrates how only 28% of firms have addressed this issue, and 87% are experiencing intense price competition.** Bound by a finite amount of time, the laws of physics, and your limited resources, there is still a way to break free of this pressure.

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Watch what another successful RW Lynch Network Member has to say

Can’t see our video? Click here

Top RW Lynch Member Attorney John Mifka of The Law Firm of John F. Mifka has over 35 years of experience as a Personal Injury Trial Lawyer. He has been a RW Lynch Network Member since 2005.

John serves injury victims in all of Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. His practice focuses on motor vehicle, slip/trip and fall accidents as well as product liability, medical malpractice, construction accidents and wrongful death cases.

In our new video he tells us how our Membership Program not only boosted his caseload, but also allowed him to immediately help injury victims thanks to our 24/7 live call transfer service.

Significant Injury HelpLine® Case Opportunities for The Law Firm of John F. Mifka

Medical Malpractice ($1.5M settlement)

Failure to diagnose compartment syndrome.

Slip and Fall Accident ($2.4M settlement)

Slip and fall causing regional pain syndrome.

Tractor-Trailer Accident ($850k settlement)

Accident at a construction site, requiring neck and shoulder surgery./p>

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Watch what another successful RW Lynch Network Member has to say

Can’t see our video? Click here

Meet our new Top RW Lynch Member Attorney Steven Seigel.

Our new Top RW Lynch Member Attorney Steven Seigel is a trial attorney at Seigel, Tully, Rouhana & Tully in Towson, Maryland. He specializes in personal injury and workers’ compensation law.

Steven has been a RW Lynch Member since 1992. Watch his recent video interview to find out how the Injury HelpLine® helped him build his practice over the years.

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Meet RW Lynch Member Attorney Victor McCall

Posted on December 16, 2017


Watch what another successful RW Lynch Network Member has to say

Can’t see our video? Click here

Meet RW Lynch Member Attorney Victor McCall

Top RW Lynch Member Attorney Victor McCall is a Partner at Atwood & McCall, PLLC, a Dallas boutique law firm that focuses on Asset Protection Planning, Business Law, Estate and Tax Planning as well as Personal Injury Litigation.

In our new video Victor explains how our Network has given him the opportunity to consider and take on more personal injury cases. He also highlights why the RW Lynch Membership is so profitable for his law firm.

Significant Injury HelpLine® Case Opportunities for Atwood & McCall, PLLC

Car accident leads to severe back and hip injuries

A motorist and his father were travelling along state Highway 185. As they veered left, they were suddenly T-boned by an 18-wheeler. Both passengers suffered severe injuries to their back and hips. This will be a big case as the driver had the right of way.

Poor visibility in Six Flags Park causes slip and fall

An old woman was visiting a Six-Flags Amusement Park one evening and using a walker to move around the attractions. The smoke effects used in the park created limited visibility. As a result the woman took a serious tumble while navigating a high ledge. Her injuries required extensive hip surgery and rehabilitation.

Nursing home neglect of quadriplegic leads to amputation

A young quadriplegic living in a nursing home reported that bedsores had rotted away his leg, leading to a life-threatening situation that required the amputation of the entire limb. The facility had been spotty and neglectful in the cleaning and maintenance of his bedsores.

Spinal Cord Stimulator malfunctions causing permanent nerve damage

Injury HelpLine® connected one of our Member Attorneys to a man suffering severe back pain. At his doctor’s recommendation, the man had had a spinal cord stimulator implanted to control his pain. The unit malfunctioned repeatedly, electrocuting the victim and causing convulsions and vomiting. It was eventually surgically removed. Unfortunately, the man was left with chronic pain affecting both legs as well as permanent nerve damage. A six-figure settlement can be expected.

Poorly designed elevator leads to slip and fall accident

An elderly lady was shopping in a mall. She was trying to juggle her purchases in her arms while exiting an elevator, when she tripped and badly broke her arm. The fracture was complex and required surgery. Because of the poor design of the elevator there is a good chance of reaching a high settlement.

Defective Arterial Patch causes severe injury in surgery patient

This caller contacted the Injury HelpLine® to get legal help for her brother, who had undergone surgery to unclog an artery. The surgeon had implanted a defective Baxter Vascu-Guard patch in the man’s neck. The defective product caused massive injury and blood loss and almost led to the patient’s death. A six figure settlement is expected.

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