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‘Mobilegeddon’ has been taking over the internet this week. On Tuesday, Google announced a big change to its search algorithm. What does that mean for your law firm website?

Google’s newest update will essentially give a boost in organic (non-paid) search results to websites that are mobile friendly. The idea is to encourage website developers to create websites that are more user friendly on smart phones. The more mobile friendly and content rich the website is, the higher it will rank in Google’s organic search results.

Google spokeswoman Krisztina Radosavljevic-Szilagyi explained, “As people increasingly search on their mobile devices, we want to make sure they can find content that’s not only relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens.”

According to NPR, Google stated that as soon as a website is made mobile friendly, its position within the search results will begin to improve. This is excellent news for law firms that have not yet made the move to a responsive, mobile friendly, website. Google’s latest news is saturating the internet. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your law firm’s internet presence by improving your rank on Google.

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Can Salesmanship Grow Your Case Load?

The personal injury profession is overflowing with competition. What sets one personal injury attorney apart from the hundreds of other personal injury attorneys in their area? In such a competitive field, it is vital that personal injury attorneys are not only able to find potential clients, but turn them into clients.

Personal injury attorneys know the competition is fierce. In an attempt to grow a personal injury practice, lawyers may be working with a lead generation firm, maintaining a website, making blog posts, sending out email newsletters and saturating social media. If personal injury attorneys are doing everything to maximize their presence online and offline, why are there difficulties in landing clients?

Generating leads is only the beginning, and the first step in the personal injury sales process. Once a prospective client calls or contacts a personal injury attorney, the real work begins.

Personal Injury Leads: Get in Touch…FAST

What good is marketing a personal injury law firm or using a lead generation firm if attorneys let potential clients slip through their fingers? If one personal injury attorney is not eager to act when he or she is contacted by a prospective client, that person is just an internet search away from finding another personal injury attorney who is willing to act on their behalf. When someone is in need of legal advice, they will not be sitting by the phone, patiently waiting for a particular personal injury attorney to return their call. They will find help elsewhere, but responding promptly can really help make a lasting impact with a prospective client.

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5 Customer Service Tips to Gain & Retain Clients

You’ve developed a brilliant marketing strategy. Your office looks amazing. You suit up and arrive at the firm. Your phone is ringing and potential clients are flooding in. But are they signing with you? Are they giving your firm their business and spreading the word about your practice to their family, friends and professional contacts?

If you feel like you may be missing opportunities with clients, there may be opportunities to adjust your customer service practices to increase your caseload growth, profit margin and reputation. Here are 5 tips to help you gain and retain clients:

Tip 1: Immediately respond to the initial personal injury inquiry.

When a prospective client calls reaching out for help, often times they are anxious and impatient. In many cases, they are in a vulnerable position and desperately seeking legal guidance and options. Answering that call live and speaking with them immediately provides the best opportunity to bring them on as a client. However, even if you are unable to reach them live, then a prompt response to their message helps increase the chance of winning the case. Time is ticking, and with each passing moment the potential for them to contact your competitor increases.

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