RW Lynch Social Media MarketingRW Lynch recently conducted a survey of personal injury attorneys regarding their adoption of social media for marketing purposes and found surprising results.  Of the survey respondents, over 60 percent said they do not utilize social media to market the firm. When asked for a reason they have not engaged users on these platforms, over 43 percent cited lack of time while another 25 percent said social media was not relevant to their business.

The findings are surprising, as personal injury attorneys have generally been ahead of their peers when it comes to adopting new forms of marketing. In fact, the findings differ starkly from other sectors of the law industry, where reports have suggested social media is becoming an effective marketing tool.   Although PI firms have consistently been quick to adopt new marketing techniques, such as billboards, radio, television or web pay-per-click, it seems their reticence here may be due to the greater time commitment demanded by social media marketing.

Many personal injury firms are sole practitioners, or at most employ a small cadre of attorneys. With the constant stream of communication expected through social media, the time commitment is likely a driving factor in pushing firms away.

Of the 40 percent of attorneys that did use social media, an overwhelming majority used Facebook only. In fact, over 82% of attorneys who used social media for professional purposes cited Facebook while other popular sites like LinkedIn (35%), Twitter (14%) and even blog platforms (35%) trailed far behind. Among the reasons for using social media, attorneys listed increasing leads as the largest attraction, with 82% naming it the primary motivation for usage. Sharing content (10%) and encouraging customer reviews (7%) were also cited.

The reasoning may lie in a general wariness of social media as a valuable time investment for marketing purposes. With caseloads and typically smaller staffs, most personal injury attorneys have been slow to incorporate new media into their firms in general. According to the survey, 37% of law firm employees still used cellular phones without internet capabilities. Over 95% also said they have no plans of offering a branded mobile application for current or potential clients.

It is certainly understandable that attorneys have little time to adopt social media and mobile technology however the fact is that most personal injury law firms don’t compete on pricing, they compete on marketing and advertising. We have found that our RW Lynch clients that add social media to their marketing mix have an inherent advantage over their competitors.

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