RW Lynch Six Mistakes Even Legal Marketing “Experts” Routinely MakeEven so-called “experts” in the legal marketing field routinely neglect some basic tenets that can make or break the overall marketing efforts of the average law firm. Following these basic six steps, like RW Lynch does, can ensure that your firm is a successful marketing powerhouse.

Not Understanding the Source of Your Success (or Lack Thereof)

One of the biggest mistakes a firm can make is not measuring the marketing tactics it employs. Lack of measurement can often result in a huge waste of marketing dollars for the average firm. Failure to measure marketing is like trying to navigate with a broken compass – you may feel like you’re moving but the odds you’ll actually reach your destination are pretty slim.  Without systems in place that help you track and analyze the results of each campaign you will never have an understanding of what works for your firm and what doesn’t.  This is the surest way to ensure you are wasting your marketing dollars.

Not Marketing with Purpose

Successful law firms develop a strategy or map, if you will, for their firm. Having a clear set of goals in mind can help a firm achieve its goals successfully. For example, is the goal lead generation, is it name recognition for your firm, or is it to highlight a specific practice or expertise? Whatever that goal may be the marketing strategy is the road map for your firm to achieve its goals. Without that road map you’ll be roaming about aimlessly never reaching your destination.

Assuming That the Current Flow of Clients Will Continue

The most common mistake that firms make when it comes to marketing is assuming that because you are busy today that you’ll be busy tomorrow.   A common theme is “I’m too busy, I don’t need to do marketing.”  Marketing is an ongoing process that takes time and effort.  It is not something that can wait until you absolutely need it. Long-term success means committing to marketing as a part of your firm’s DNA.

Not Staying in Touch with Clients/Prospects

Don’t forget the low hanging fruit! Attorneys often neglect the potential that exists within your own database of contacts.  Your clients and contacts may have need again or may have someone in their sphere of influence that needs legal services.  Nurturing and staying in touch with your leads and former clients ensures that you will get second and third generation cases that exist within your database.

With all the resources available, it’s now easier than ever to stay in touch. Develop a regular follow-up schedule for you and your secretary. Send a regular newsletter, a relevant article regarding new legislation, a birthday card, or you can even ask for feedback regarding your services.  What you send isn’t as important as how often you do it. Stay in regular contact with your leads so that they don’t have the opportunity to forget about you.

Not Creating a Culture of Accountability

Personal injury law is extremely competitive – having an infrastructure in place that ensures that every caller is spoken to immediately and with empathy is the key to retaining more cases.  Firms that make every member, attorneys and staff, accountable for speaking to each and every caller tend to have consistently higher conversion rates than their counterparts.

Don’t forget to utilize everyone on your staff.  Every single person who works in your firm is an ambassador or sales person for your firm. Do they know all the areas in which your firm has expertise? Are they aware of your latest successful case result? Do they know who to direct potential client to within the firm?  If they don’t then you are missing a huge opportunity.

Not Using Experts When You Need It

Let’s face it, as a small business owner there are only so many hours in the day.  Having the time to dedicate to learning, implementing and fine tuning your own marketing campaigns can be time consuming and futile if done incorrectly.

Absolutely develop the strategy and the goals you are trying to achieve, but then leave it to a professional to do the fine tuning. Stick to law and leave the marketing to those who will bring you results. Yes, it may look easy and you’re reluctant to pay someone to do what you feel you can do. But please, leave the heavy lifting to the experts. Just look at what happens to clients who try to negotiate cases on their own.

Some firms spend many wasteful non-billable hours on marketing activities that are not on strategy and ultimately do not provide the desired results. Instead, keep non-billable time to a minimum by developing a budget, determining where you’ll get the most value and establishing a relationship with a talented consultant or agency that knows your industry well and can respond quickly to market changes.

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