ROI in SEO for Personal Injury Attorneys

Posted on April 25, 2018

Attorneys often ask us – “How do I show up in the top search results for my region?”


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes time, diligence, discipline and comes with understanding a few key elements of this widely used digital craft. In the age of Google, what’s your personal injury law firm marketing plan?


On Google AdWords, legal keywords are the most expensive to bid on across the board. Did you know that “motorcycle accident attorney” is worth over $325.00 a click (most likely even more by the time you read this)? For a small firm, this approach can be very expensive. To put it into perspective, large firms spend upwards of $500,000.00 for a six-month AdWords campaign.

As a personal injury attorney in today’s digital landscape, where do you start when it comes to finding leads and building your business? RW Lynch is here to help you with some digital marketing tips to get things moving along for your practice in an extremely competitive space.


Keyword Research: Where is your competition in the search results? Being a top result of one great relevant keyword can do wonders for garnering business for your firm. Spend time, at least once a month, to explore keywords where you want clients to discover your business. Think about the value of each keyword for your site, rank them by importance to your firm, then write topics revolving around them.

As you search top results, you’ll see the content that competitors in your space are producing in order to rank high on Google or Bing. This will help you create content that, in terms of keyword relevance, will be effective in reaching your audience. A great tool to utilize to see what people are searching for online is Google Trends.


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Protect Your Brand: Here’s where you must use AdWords. If there is one keyword you want to protect, it’s the name of your firm. When you start building your presence online you’ll be seen as a competitor in the digital space and other personal injury attorneys marketing to potential clients in your region will target your brand keyword. It’s important to keep a budget set aside to own that top result.



Be The Expert: Write what you know. Just as we discussed in the Find Your Niche in Personal Injury Law blog, sharing expertise, while not giving away every single secret, provides value to visitors of your site. If someone has a need and you can offer knowledge and direction you’ll be able to garner genuine interest which will lead to authentic views which will boost the results of your website on search engines.





A Responsive Website: Make it mobile friendly! Does your site work well and look good on every device? Test your site to make sure that your page is working perfectly on any phone, tablet, computer and any device in between. Many CRM’s such as WordPress now offer almost nothing but responsive themes. That said, you always want to make sure that layout, navigation, and usability of your website is in tip-top shape to help with bounce rates and conversions.


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Generate Positive Reviews: Easier said than done, right? In today’s world, just as people trust organic search results, people trust authentic online reviews. These sites rank high in search results because people appreciate a digital version of word of mouth. Basically, people like real suggestions from other actual people.




Be Patient: Organic search results age like a fine wine. It takes time to build your presence in terms of relevance and authenticity. When it comes to achieving great search results, there is no instant gratification. Visitors will look at your content if it is relevant and they are in need of advice that aligns with your industry. A rule of thumb is to understand that it takes at least 6-12 months for organic SEO to index on search results. Stay consistent, write relevant content, and over time you’ll see ROI for your law firm.


RW Lynch will help guide your personal injury law firm marketing strategies with a number of effective methods. From hands-on assistance by our Account Executives to generating thousands of lawyer leads monthly through The Injury HelpLine, our program helps to build Personal Injury Law Firms across the country. Contact us today for more marketing solutions and to help you generate leads.


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