RW Lynch’s Mobile Innovation Wins Praise

Posted on September 23, 2010

RW Lynch MobileVisionary Injury HelpLine® Mobile Advertising Pays Off Big for Subscribers
In January 2010, RW Lynch announced the launch of the visionary website as a way to get “Case Leads From a Surprising New Source.”

At the time, the move was considered quite avant-garde – after all, RW Lynch is the first nationwide advertiser in the industry to specifically target mobile searchers. However, our marketing research contended that this would be a high-opportunity area in the near future and, in keeping with our reputation for putting our subscribers on the cutting edge of marketing techniques, we, at RW Lynch, launched the mobile site and campaigns to capitalize on the growing search market.

Mobile Search Explodes in 2010, with the Injury HelpLine® at the Crest of the Wave

In the nine short months since our mobile site launch, mobile searchers in the U.S. have grown from 54.5 million to over 100 million unique users per month! In the same time, visits to the Mobile Injury HelpLine® site have grown an astounding 646%! Even more exciting are the success stories we’re hearing about these mobile advertising responses. Because mobile advertising can reach people on-the-go – when a computer, television, or directory might not be handy – it allows us to access people away from their homes, potentially in moments of true urgency, as this recent success story from an Injury HelpLine® subscriber highlights:

“The driver of a car… was struck by another car that fled the scene. His car was so badly damaged that he couldn’t chase the other driver. What the other driver didn’t know was that the impact was so heavy [that] his license plate fell off and the police recovered it. He knew that he needed help and immediately searched for a lawyer on his phone while waiting for the ambulance. He called us on his way to the ER and we told him “Don’t sign anything!” and sent an investigator right out to see him. The case was put into a lawsuit on the same day.”

Injury HelpLine® client since 2009

A Model for the Industry

RW Lynch’s mobile marketing was so ahead of its time that even Microsoft® Advertising used our experience as a model for success on its Bing for Mobile Advertising platform.

By partnering with Bing as an early advertiser, RW Lynch was able to reduce Cost Per Acquisition by 30%, stretching our subscribers’ investment to get them more “bang for the buck,” while still reaching the most relevant audiences. Read the full Microsoft Advertising case study here.

To learn more about RW Lynch and our lead generation program, please contact us or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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