How Much Do You Pay in Marketing Costs for a Potential Lead?

In terms of marketing budgets for personal injury firms, attorneys are spending at least $400.00-5,000.00 a month on average for digital platforms, into the thousands for long-standing local print ads, tens of thousands for bus stop ads, and potentially reaching into the hundreds of thousands for billboards in what is typically a saturated market.

The RW Lynch Program Tour is an informal discussion we offer free of charge that you or an associate can have with one of our Business Development Specialists. This is a no pressure approach to help you get all the answers you need to help you learn and discover just how exclusive the leads that come in through The Injury HelpLine really are.

Below are some key points we discuss with attorneys who are considering becoming members of our exclusive Network.


How Confident are You?

When a potential client calls, how do you respond? People in your region call The Injury HelpLine with a crisis on their hands. We forward them to you as they are in need of representation. The matter is urgent and you are the specialist. The question may seem easy but, when the pressure is on, how eager are you to deliver?




Pricing for The RW Lynch Program

It may be a shock to wrap your head around expenses when building your firm. Take a step back and think about the other marketing costs you incur that won’t bring in returns the way a trusted nationwide hotline will.  One large personal injury case will with potential settlements in the six-figure range will easily pay for your membership.

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A Tax Write Off

Just as we discussed in a recent post, the entire program is a tax write off for your firm. At the end of the tax year, you can simply write off the program as a business expense. You may have other marketing underway but why stop there.




Exclusivity: Leads Go to Only One Attorney in One Region

When you sign up as a member attorney with RW Lynch, the region we assign your firm will be the only firm to receive exclusive calls from a potential client who calls The Injury HelpLine in that particular area. When it comes to building your practice, it’s a win-win situation.




A Consistent Volume of Quality Claimants

Calls are screened before we forward them to you. This means that you receive calls that are legitimate, timely, and have the potential to be a huge case for you and your firm.





Your Own Personal Account Executive

When you have questions we’re here to answer them. An element of our pledge to quality and providing satisfaction to members of our program is that you are always able to reach out for support regarding any concerns, questions, or feedback you may have. Your communication helps us better understand the needs of our clients and allows us to build a better network for you and Personal Injury Attorneys across the nation.



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