RW Lynch 30th Anniversary We are excited to announce that RW Lynch is celebrating its 30th year as the pioneer of legal group marketing. For 3 straight decades, cutting edge technology and a keen foresight, has kept RW Lynch the leader in Personal Injury Marketing. As the excitement builds around the longevity of the company, it inspires our team to continue striving to be the best and to continue providing the leading marketing solution for Personal Injury Attorneys, nationwide.

Over the years RW Lynch has embraced and relished being at the cusp of every new development. From television advertising, to online marketing, to lead acquisition and management, RW Lynch is always one step ahead of the rest. Perseverance, research and a strong team has kept RW Lynch alive and strong for 3 decades while setting the stage for great things yet to come.

Staying one step ahead has been the key to 30 years of success, and so the RW Lynch strategy will remain the same. will be receiving a complete makeover becoming more informative, user friendly and dynamic. Additionally, our clients will be pleased to log into their GoldenList, RW Lynch’s proprietary lead management tool, and find it with a brand new look and an easier than ever ability to view, manage and connect with leads.

RW Lynch is thrilled to be rolling out several new services in our 30th year to further assist RW Lynch clients (and personal injury attorneys nation-wide), in building successful law practices. First to launch is RW Lynch’s new email marketing service, designed with busy attorneys in mind, this will be a full-service solution that will allow firms to stay in regular contact with their clients and prospects. At RW Lynch we know that secondary or referral cases are a strong part of any attorney’s business development efforts. Small firms and solo practitioners are often short-staffed and unable to commit to the time to launch a robust email marketing campaign. At the suggestion of RW Lynch clients, we have launched a new service that will provide customized email templates, attorney-written content, list management and email delivery and distribution.

At RW Lynch we’ve spent the last 30 years dedicated to assisting personal injury attorneys with powerful advertising solutions to help them grow. The power of Group Marketing has fueled RW Lynch’s InjuryHelpLine® and has connected nearly 4 million injured victims over the last 30 years, with the best resource for legal representation in their area. Clients from the present and the past continue to attest that RW Lynch’s Injury HelpLine® and Total Marketing Solution is the backbone to their success.

To learn more about RW Lynch and our lead generation program, please contact us or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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13 Responses to “RW Lynch Celebrates 30 Years as the Leader in Personal Injury Marketing”

  1. Kimmie 2:58 pm on 4/30/14

    Congratulations to RW Lynch on 30 years in the PI marketing business! I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to spend so many years working with the team at RW Lynch. The parties and holiday celebrations at RW Lynch are so much fun! Way to go RW Lynch ……. looking forward to many more years to come!

  2. Marie 3:09 pm on 4/30/14

    Three cheers for RW Lynch on 30 exciting years!
    Hip Hip Hooray RW Lynch!
    Hip Hip Hooray RW Lynch!
    Hip Hip Hooray RW Lynch!

  3. AJ 3:22 pm on 4/30/14

    Congrats to RW Lynch and their 30 years of successfully connecting PI attorneys to injured victims! Wishing RW Lynch all the best for the future and looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries as an employee of RW Lynch.

  4. AKL 9:27 am on 5/1/14

    Over the course of the years RW Lynch has proven to be a company that devotes their undivided time, effort and attention to their clients, constantly improving and growing with the industry and technology. Happy anniversary RW Lynch, here’s to another 30 years!

  5. JV 9:38 am on 5/1/14

    RW Lynch’s success speaks for itself; the friendly atmosphere and countless amount of dedication that the company has invested into helping their clients is the reason they are the leader in PI marketing. Kudos RW Lynch, hope the upcoming years are like these past 30!

  6. Annie 11:24 am on 5/2/14

    Congrats RW Lynch on 30 years of innovation! Thrilled to have been able to play a part in RW Lynch’s continued success!

  7. AE 10:02 am on 5/3/14

    RW Lynch has been an integral part of these injured victim’s lives for the past 30 years and RW Lynch is also helping these young attorneys build their empires!

  8. Franklin 4:17 pm on 6/18/14

    I’ve known some employees of RW Lynch who have lasted nearly the whole 30 years. It’s an amazing achievement and well deserved!

  9. RV 12:23 pm on 7/3/14

    Happy Anniversary, RW Lynch! I feel fortunate to have found a company with so much integrity, creativity and desire to advance.

  10. JR 9:52 am on 7/19/14

    Happy Anniversary, RW Lynch!!! I’ve never worked for a company that has afforded its employees with so much opportunity as RW Lynch….proud to be part of the family!!!

  11. EH 10:30 am on 7/19/14

    RW Lynch has connected millions of injured victims to attorneys during the last thirty years! I’m honored to have been a part of RW Lynch connecting these injured victims for the last decade. RW Lynch has always been first in expanding their service model to address the consistent changes in the legal marketing industry. Thirty years from now I’m confident RW Lynch will still be leaders in the industry!

  12. MRN 10:44 am on 8/5/14

    Congratulations RW Lynch on providing 30 years of outstanding service. Through commitment, diligence, and integrity, RW Lynch has championed marketing and advertising for the legal profession.

  13. Erin 12:33 pm on 9/9/14

    RW Lynch has done an outstanding job connecting injured victims to attorneys for 30 years, and looking forward to another 30+ years of success! Cheers to RW Lynch on your anniversary and all your successes!!

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