San Antonio, Texas – An elderly lady and her spouse went on their weekly shopping trip to a megastore. The elderly lady and her husband were strolling the aisles getting their necessities when they noticed another older woman struggling to load a case of water into her shopping cart.



Being a good Samaritan, the elderly lady went to assist her solo neighbor-in-need when she suddenly slipped on a pool of water resting in front of a water fountain. The fall completely caught her by surprise. She tore her rotator cuff, injured her arm, and experienced sudden and severe pain.




Luckily she was in the good company of her loving husband who jumped to her aid right away. The woman, who initially wanted the case of water, went to get an employee while the elderly lady’s husband called 911. Apparently, water had been dripping from the fountain for a sustained amount of time and there was no sign or warning around the area that indicated any type of potential hazard.



After taking care of his injured wife, the frustrated husband immediately sprang into action taking many pictures of the scene where the incident took place. Not only was there no signage to warn of the possible hazard by the water fountain, they also noticed that there was no anti-slip mat placed by the leak. This was clearly a scenario where the negligence of the management and staff at the store was an issue. The injuries were going to cost the elderly couple much more than they would be able to afford.



Performing proper due diligence, the couple made visits to several other mega store locations to take photos of similar water fountains with the proper mat in place.


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