RW Lynch PI Industry CompetitiveRW Lynch recognizes that competition is now stronger than ever for legal services.  According to the ABA there are currently nearly 1.2 million attorneys in the United States.  In states like NY, CA, and IL competition is even greater with the number of attorneys accounting for nearly 25% of that total (over 260,000 in these 3 states combined).

Marketing, now, more than ever is an imperative for all lawyers and no one understands this better than the personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys have understood for years that marketing your services effectively is the key to running a successful practice.  However, with the growth of cable networks, internet, mobile, social networks, internet TV … even the most successful PI attorney is questioning what route your marketing should take.

Every day I see a new article or blogger pushing the latest, most important marketing method: write more content, search optimize your website, start blogging, start tweeting, advertise on cable, advertise on the internet, don’t forget mobile … and the list goes on and on.  The questions most attorneys are asking are: “which one is the most effective” and “where should I spend my money and time.”

The answer is that if you want to stand out over your competition … likely you will need to employ all these methods.  And it doesn’t end there.  In order to be really effective you will need to analyze and modify each of these campaigns regularly to ensure that you will continue to be successful.  However, the reality is that if you are a small firm or a sole practitioner this would be cost prohibitive both from a budget and time standpoint.

Harness the Power of RW Lynch’s 6-Point Total Marketing Solution

At RW Lynch we understand that building your practice is about more than great legal work or a flashy ad.  It takes an integrated approach of using direct response, internet, television, and mobile advertising.  We know that the mix must be constantly analyzed and optimized to ensure that you continue to grow your practice.  We also understand that the demands of a busy practice means that most lawyers lack the time and expertise to manage all these tasks effectively.  Lucky for you, after 27 years in the industry RW Lynch has perfected a total marketing solution that puts massive PI practice growth within easy and affordable reach. 

While others have been content to follow in our footsteps, we have consistently taken the lead, breaking ground in new, high potential avenues ensuring that our clients are always standing out among their competition.

To learn more about RW Lynch and our lead generation program, please contact us or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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