This personal injury case study is not uncommon in terms of the calls we receive on The Injury HelpLine from people who work in construction.

BOSTON, MA – According to The Center for Construction Research and Training, falls on construction sites are the greatest cause of fatal construction injuries with 33% of recorded incidents being from scaffolding on the side of buildings. 

In this particular personal injury case study, an RW Lynch Network Attorney reports a recently signed case from a construction worker with many years of experience in the field. The worker was performing a routine task helping with a dropped ceiling installation inside a large office structure. The scaffolding was secured incorrectly and the worker fell many stories to the ground.  He suffered from a separated shoulder joint and multiple contusions.

Due to the nature of this case and the severity of the fall, this particular scenario turned into a substantial workers compensation case. The injuries he is dealing with are significant. The worker won’t be able to return to his job for a while and thus will need to be compensated for lost wages and to pay for his injuries and rehabilitation.

Our Network Attorney signed the case and is expecting a large settlement for his client.

Construction work comes with a risk. That said, this doesn’t make the owners of large construction firms exempt from assisting their employees when injuries occur.


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