RW Lynch Mobile Injury HelpLineBecause smart phones are so widely available and in use, RW Lynch’s Injury HelpLine® has gone mobile!

Mobile Internet Searches Becoming Common, with More Local Focus

The Kelsey Group (a leading independent market research firm) recently released an industry forecast report which found that fully 25% of online users in the United States are mobile internet users. That currently totals an astounding 54.5 million mobile internet users. Even more importantly, mobile internet users are significantly more likely to conduct searches for local businesses and services. While only about 20% of traditional searches are for local services or businesses, nearly twice as many (an estimated 35%) mobile searches are.

Explosive Growth Expected

The incredible growth in this market may be under the radar today, but it won’t be for long. The same Kelsey Group report estimates that the amount spent on mobile local search advertising will skyrocket from $20 million in 2008 to $1.3 billion in 2013 – an astronomical 65-fold increase in just 5 years!

New Tools for the New Market

Just a few weeks ago, RW Lynch launched, a site specifically designed for the smaller screen and functionality of mobile internet browsers, along with a targeted ad campaign directed at capturing mobile searches to capitalize on this growing area. The launch has already been a tremendous success, attracting hundreds of unique visitors in just a few short weeks. We are very excited to have this new tool added to our advertising arsenal and to be able to offer this promising feature to our subscribers.

Stay Ahead of the Pack to Succeed

Our goal at RW Lynch is to constantly extract maximum return on our subscribers’ advertising investment. This means carefully analyzing where and how we advertise today, as well as being on the cutting edge to place our subscribers in a position of strength in emerging mediums. Staying ahead of the pack is a never-ending task, but our biggest reward is hearing what our clients say about the calls they receive from the Injury HelpLine®:

“My marketing was always catch as catch can and now I feel I have a scientific and organized approach to advertising. I have gotten spinal and dog bite cases of significant value and only wish I had started with RW Lynch years and years ago.”

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