A short time ago, a caller contacted Injury HelpLine needing some assistance. In this case, the caller had been on a bus commuting home after a long day of work and, just as they were settling into their seat, the bus was violently T-boned in the middle of a busy intersection.


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Everyone on the bus was tossed around, some passengers suffered more injuries than others.  Our caller suffered a concussion along with other soft tissue injuries. The head injury was enough to set the caller back a bit. Time would need to be taken off work and expenses, everything from medical bills to groceries would need to be taken care of.



Seeing that the caller was on public transportation and not in their own vehicle they were unsure if there was a clear-cut case and thus needed to talk with a personal injury attorney in order to see if there was any way they could receive the financial security needed to get past their injuries with proper time to heal.


While our Network Member Attorney was ready to work on this specific case for this individual, our caller actually had another lead as they had exchanged numbers with another passenger and ended up referring them to our trusted attorney.  Our attorney has signed them both!


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