“The exclusivity feature, which is having your own geographical area, is very important to me because that’s my area when the calls come in, they come to me.” – John F. Mifka

Meet John F. Mifka, one of our long-standing Member Network Attorneys who we thoroughly enjoy working with. In the short video clip below, Mr. Mifka discusses why the exclusivity feature with RW Lynch is so vital to his business.


“You’re getting more calls because you’re not sharing that geographical area with another attorney.”

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Similar to other small business owners, Personal Injury Lawyers thrive off being located in a region that isn’t over saturated with the exact services their business is offering. RW Lynch helps you thrive in your very own zone. How does it work? When you sign on with us, we assign your region to you.

The model is not only good for growing your practice it’s ideal in terms of sustainability.  Instead of going after probable leads, RW Lynch will send them straight to you directly from our Injury HelpLine calls. If a victim of an injury such as head trauma or a medical malpractice case is living in your city and they call us we’ll send them your way.

Sound simple enough? We like to think it is.

We operate nationwide through a series of exclusive market areas we call “Membership Zones”. Each Membership Zone is managed by one and only one Member Attorney and encompasses various adjacent zip codes. Here’s how to explore available Zones, demographics and other info.


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