Member Attorney Helps Injured Handyman

Posted on April 20, 2018

An experienced handyman, hired to do odd jobs and repairs for a grocery store in rural Mississippi, was asked by the store’s management to investigate some rooftop leaks.


Upon climbing on top of the roof, he discovered that huge areas had rotted away. Unfortunately, the discovery came a moment too late. He took a misstep and proceeded to fall through the rotted ceiling back into the interior of the store.  He passed out due to the impact of the fall and has no recollection of landing on the floor of the store.


He awoke three days later in ICU with multiple broken bones in his body. The injuries he took on were severe and would set him back for many months in terms of his finances.  After seeing The Injury HelpLine® ad, he placed a call to us for help. We routed the call to our Network Member Attorney immediately.


The attorney spoke with the man and, without hesitation, drove 100 miles to sign the case.  This is a premises liability issue and they are suing the store owners. The attorney is currently working on receiving a large settlement on behalf of the client.


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