(Caution: This following personal injury case study is not for the faint of heart)


A recent Injury HelpLine caller had been suffering from extreme pain in his back and groin area.

The man sought treatment from a physician who, after performing a brief exam, presented the medical diagnosis. In order to bring some relief from his endless discomfort, the man’s testicles would need to be removed immediately.



Understandably frazzled yet trusting the advice, the patient agreed to have the surgery since the doctor made him feel confident that it was truly the only way to take care of the extreme pain he was experiencing.

Only a short time after the advice was given the patient underwent the procedure. The surgery was performed by the doctor himself.


What happened next was unexpected and simply terrible…


After the procedure, the man experienced continued back pain. He sought out advice from a different physician at a separate hospital. The new doctor said the problem was located in his back all along and that the removal of his testicles was not the correct solution.

The new doctor treated the lower back of the unfortunate patient and brought relief from the pain but the permanent damage had been done. The Injury HelpLine caller now wished to file a lawsuit against the original doctor and hospital for the unnecessary removal of his genitalia.

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The Network Member Attorney connected with the unfortunate victim of this medical malpractice case and, upon hearing his side of the story, signed the case immediately.


Our Injury HelpLine Network Attorney said this one of a kind medical malpractice case will be settled in the high Six-Figure range.


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