Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys: Is Outsourcing an option?Personal injury attorneys are increasingly dealing with diminishing returns on their marketing investment, despite a considerable amount of time and resources spend on marketing efforts. If your marketing falls flat, it can become a significant roadblock to growing your business. A marketing plan that considers outsourcing as an option can successfully address this problem.

Outsource your marketing weaknesses

In our last post we explained how the key to optimally allocating your resources starts with analyzing your marketing strengths and weaknesses. Once that is done and you have determined your potential to close potential gaps with in-house resources it is time to make decisions. We recommend that your marketing plan focus on your marketing strengths, while outsourcing your marketing weaknesses. This will ensure healthy growth for your personal injury firm.

A word of caution: Your obvious strength lies outside of the realm of marketing – it’s your knowledge of the law. Being the best lawyer you can be will speak for itself and generate both repeat business as well as referrals from satisfied clients. So, no matter how you decide to structure your marketing efforts, make sure that you have enough time to practice law and help your clients be successful.

Outsourcing as an option – where to start?

Let’s assume now that your firm is somewhat short on time and talent when it comes to specific marketing areas. Maintaining a basic company website and running an effective referral program are usually areas of marketing that are well within the expertise of most law firms.

On the other hand, marketing techniques such as social media marketing or PPC (pay per click advertising) tend to be areas of weakness for many attorneys.

Social Media yields low return on investment

According to the most recent most recent ABA Legal Technology Survey:

  • 57% of law firms are reporting a presence on LinkedIn
  • 35% of firms have a Facebook page and
  • 21% of firms are using Twitter.

But is an ongoing social media presence worth the effort? Research shows that running effective social media campaigns for legal services is notoriously difficult, time consuming and generally inefficient for lead generation.

Consistency is key when managing social media. Unless you are willing to spend a substantial amount of time per week posting to your chosen social media platforms and interacting with your target audience, your time investment will not yield any measurable results.

That is why sometimes it may be worth hiring an outside professional to get the most out of your social media strategy.

Pay per click (PPC) – expensive, effective and hard to do

PPC campaigns have proven to be very effective for online lead generation. According to legal advertising firm Whitehardt, the average conversion rate for Google AdWords across all industries is 2.70%. In the legal services industry, that conversion rate rises to 4.35%. Still, while effective, PPC is not only time consuming, it is also incredibly expensive, even when skillfully managed. Many of the most expensive Google AdWords keywords deal with the legal sector, so unless you are a PPC wiz, this advertising technique is a prime area for outsourcing.

Why TV and newspaper advertising may be out of reach

Finally, offline marketing continues to be a great avenue for generating personal injury leads, particularly local and national TV advertising. Sadly, here the weakness of most law firms and sole practitioners lies in the sheer financial power required to achieve a minimum media presence. If you are not willing to spend 3,000-5,000$ on monthly TV advertising alone, this avenue is unfortunately a no go. Newspaper advertising is not exactly cheap either. The price for a full page advertising ad in the Washington Post for example amounts to $163,422 for a single Sunday ad.

In marketing, the whole should be more than the sum of its parts

Synergy in marketing is when two marketing initiatives create a response greater than the sum of the combined response the two would have achieved alone. It’s particularly crucial to strive for synergies when you run a small business with limited resources.

So when you decide which marketing areas to tackle in house and which to outsource, keep in mind that all marketing areas still need to work in a synergistic way. That’s the optimal way to maximize results and to achieve your marketing goals with as few resources as possible. It’s crucial to carefully select a few reliable marketing service providers. Never underestimate the time needed to coordinate their work with the efforts of your in-house staff!

How to find help with outsourcing your advertising

What if you are not comfortable with outsourcing various marketing areas to a variety of different service providers? You can always ask an online lead generation service such as RW Lynch to help you quickly grow your practice. Here are some of the reasons why this approach may work for you.

Benefit from three decades of experience with multi-platform advertising

Injury HelpLine, RW Lynch’s consumer brand, generates personal injury leads through skillful and consistent multi-channel marketing. We use:

  • PPC (pay per click advertising)
  • national and local advertising campaigns
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • content marketing and
  • social media marketing

to get the Injury HelpLine brand in front of the consumer.

Because we have over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience we know what works and what doesn’t. You can take advantage of our marketing acumen without the need to pay for expensive marketing experiments that may or may not result in success. We know marketing, you know law: It only makes sense that we should both focus on what we excel at.

Access national and local PPC and TV campaigns

What’s more, RW Lynch gives you access to nationwide PPC and TV campaigns that would be impossible to finance for an individual injury law firm. This way you can continue to be effective even with a modest marketing budget. How is that possible? We simply pool the advertising budget of hundreds of personal injury firms nationwide to create one large lead generating powerhouse capable of playing with the big boys. Our Injury HelpLine® commercials for example are targeted at a diverse range of national and local markets. They are shown on over 60 networks and 800 TV shows. It would be hard to achieve this kind of visibility on your own, and frankly, you don’t need to.

Get exclusive leads

Finally, we provide exclusive personal injury leads to your market area. There is no need to compete with other attorneys. This is a welcome relief, particularly when your budget is tight and the competition fierce.

If you feel that this option may work for you, visit our website. You can also contact us for more information at 1-800-594-8940.

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