RW Lynch Lead Gen MergerIn August 2013 Lexis Nexis Martindale-Hubbell and formed a joint venture with the California based company, Internet Brands. Similar to RW Lynch, Internet Brands is an online marketing company providing lead generation services for several markets from Automotive to Shopping and Travel to Law. The venture has raised some concerns as to what will happen to existing customers of Martindale-Hubbell and users of

It has been stated by the company that business as usual will continue but if you are a current customer of either or Martindale-Hubbell you should at the least pay attention to what happens with your account over the next several months.

  • Are they still actively pursuing additional traffic to their sites for the additional influx of clients that had existing contracts?
  • Are you still receiving the same number leads you expect from your investment?
  • Are your websites and SEO contracts still being honored?
  • Are you still receiving up-to-date content for your sites, social networks and blogs?
  • What happens to your existing website (if you had one through one of these organizations)?

Some may say that companies like Martindale-Hubbell and are a dying breed. However, it is critical for you to note that it’s important to pay close attention to any company you have invested your marketing dollars with. There are a lot of choices for your marketing and lead generation needs, and the industry is constantly evolving and changing. Make sure the company you use has a history of longevity, great client feedback and a long-term interest in you and your growing practice.

For more information about lead generation offered by RW Lynch and Injury HelpLine® subscription opportunities, call RW Lynch at 800-595-8940 or request information at

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