When it comes to advertising, the market is flooded with Personal Injury Lawyers. Legal advertising is more expensive than ever.


Bids for keywords on Google Ads with a legal focus are set at ludicrous prices. Social media platforms are inundated with ads. In terms of legal advertising, the lemon has been squeezed to the max.

“We’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970’s to as many as 5,000 a day today.”Walker-Smith

The general population is inundated with hundreds of ads fighting to grab their attention in the digital space (not to mention physical locations like billboards and bus stop benches). It’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the herd.


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Two key legal advertising stats:

  • 78% of the top 100 Google terms are associated with litigation – SEM Rush
  • Legal advertising on AdWords makes up for the most expensive keywords to target. Keywords may cost upwards of $600.00+ per click to appear at the top of search results. – Forbes

If the only way to be seen in the legal advertising realm is to spend big money, it’s really only realistic for large firms to spend on advertising due to the large settlements they receive. As a small to mid-size firm, you might as well be betting your marketing budget at the racetrack.


Where do you go for client leads?

Look into vendor services such as the RW Lynch program. As an exclusive member of our Network, we’ll do the marketing while you focus on helping injury victims that live by you.

When you become a Member Attorney, we assign a region to you that becomes your exclusive zone. It’s a program like no other. The calls go straight to you with no strings attached.


Want to hear more from some of your peers? Our testimonial videos showcase various personal injury attorneys who were tired of the current state of legal advertising and have signed multiple clients using the RW Lynch program. All of the Member Attorneys in these videos landed a number of cases with substantial settlements after joining.


To note, our program is a tax write-off for your business! You can write off the expense of the program as you receive new clients.

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