RW Lynch Keep Up the Good Work During year end review, we at RW Lynch asked our clients to tell us how the Injury HelpLine® had worked for them in 2011. The success stories came pouring in from happy clients who want to share their experience with other firms searching for a reliable way to grow their PI practices.

Here’s just a sample of the letters we recently received:

Re: Year End Review

In reviewing our closed files for the year, I noted that one of the largest settlements came from an Injury HelpLine lead. The case involved a motor vehicle accident and the passenger’s sister called from Iowa (obviously a push call). She explained that her brother and girlfriend were in a serious motor vehicle collision and that she was traveling to Illinois to see him at the hospital. We were able to sign the case up in the hospital and eventually settled his case for $655,000.00 and the girlfriend’s case for $190,000.00.

We appreciate your assistance throughout the year as well as Injury HelpLine’s marketing expertise.

Happy New Year and we are looking forward to adding a territory in 2012.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts. Last year I settled a dog bite case involving a young woman who was attacked by a Doberman. She called in the morning and I dropped everything and drove to the other side of the state to meet with her. She retained me and we eventually settled for $150,000.

Just this past month I opened a file for a gentleman who had been rear-ended and suffered disc herniations in his neck and back. He will be undergoing surgery on his neck and possibly his back as well. This case will have a settlement value well into the six-figure range.

Obviously, with case referrals like these, we are very satisfied with the program. Keep up the good work!

I just wanted to let you know that about two months ago I resolved an RW Lynch case for $80,000.00 The case involved a motorcycle rider who struck the side of an automobile which was turning left cutting his right of way. My client sustained a broken ankle which required surgery. He was an unemployed construction worker at the time of the accident so it was very difficult to present a wage loss claim.

Fortunately, my client did make a decent recovery from the injuries and has returned to the work force. I had a great deal of success resolving his medical bills and was able to provide him with a significant new recovery as a result of his accident. I just wanted to let you know that this is one of many good RW Lynch referrals that I have resolved over the last 24 months. Keep up the good work and I look forward to continuing to work with RW Lynch in the future.

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