Thanks to an Injury HelpLine lead, one of our RW Lynch Member Attorneys in the New York region recently signed a large construction injury case. A man had called us who worked in construction and was dealing with a situation that demanded immediate legal assistance.

In this particular case, Our caller fell from high up, about 20 feet, from a ladder while working on a busy construction site. The extent of his injuries was significant. The man was suffering from a broken clavicle, causing a great deal of pain to his shoulders and chest, broken ribs, and substantial neck and head injuries.

Our caller was banged up pretty bad and has a long road to recovery.  Unfortunately, due to the severity of the injury, he will be out of work indefinitely. His time away from his full-time job will no doubt take its toll on his daily expenses, future plans, family finances and his well-being if he is not assisted by our RW Lynch Member Attorney.

Our RW Lynch Network Member Attorney is currently helping his client to ensure he can keep his everyday life moving forward, and all expenses that come with being injured, on track. The attorney let us know that he anticipates this case will settle in the high 6 figures.


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