Find your Niche in Personal Injury Law

Posted on March 28, 2018

As a Personal Injury Attorney, what is your specialty?

You see various commercials just about everywhere you look. “Car accident? Call the large law firm on the screen today!” Or how about, “Did you use this pharmaceutical medication and now suffer from the following conditions? Call 1-888…

We see them often, especially during daytime TV, and they always seem to have solutions for a specific issue that speaks to a concentrated audience. Many of these ads come from large firms that have taken the time to perform research which means they are most likely involved in a massive class-action lawsuit.

When you are up against competitors who have massive budgets for TV spots, billboards, and integrated advertising, how do you differentiate your practice from the others to show your strengths?


Find Your Passion

Think back to why you decided to go down the path toward your current profession. Why did you go to law school? Was it to help people? Make as much money as possible? Do you have a fascination with a certain aspect of law that pertains to nursing home neglect or possibly highway safety?

Sometimes the answers that seem simple are the hardest to articulate. If the topics you care about become the cases you’ll be working on then your enthusiasm will show in your work and will overall help the messaging you satellite out onto social media and other traditional marketing outlets.

This thought process will eventually lead you down the road to the next tip…


Know the Type of Case You Want To Take On

When you’re running your own small practice it’s hard to be picky. But if you spread yourself too thin you may not be seen as an expert. Once you have identified the specialized cases where you are most knowledgeable or feel you have solid expertise in order to keep building your empire, you’ll be able to identify which cases you want and which you can forward to another attorney (and possibly receive a finder’s fee).


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Finding the Unsaturated Market

Imagine being the franchise owner of a burger place. If there’s an In-N-Out a block from you and a local burger place two doors down chances are your lunchtime rush is going to be impacted by well-known competition in the region. If the personal injury attorneys around you are focusing on car and motorcycle accidents it may be best for you to focus on medical malpractice or slip and falls.



Target Your Audience

The trick here is to identify the locations where your niche audience lives, eats, shops, and what platforms they are likely to be paying attention to. This can take a lot of research but will ultimately benefit your bottom line. Keeping focused on the digital space is good for a small budget and allows you to truly form your audience based on actual data. For example, you are thinking about medical malpractice as a niche you want to specialize in, you should start by creating a piece of content that discusses the rights a patient has after a doctors visit gone wrong and target people who have been attending local rehab clinics and/or ‘Like’ or follow their social media profile.


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Here at RW Lynch, we’ll help you carve out a personal injury law niche in your very own designated region. How do we do it? The Injury HelpLine has been in business since 1984. As a recognized national hotline for injury victims, we receive just about any type of personal injury case you could imagine. If you are the member attorney in the region where the victim is calling from, you get the lead!

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