RW Lynch Respond QuicklyAre you losing potential clients and in turn potential profits because your response time is lagging? As many of the RW Lynch clients can attest to, a speedy response time is key to growing a successful firm.

As technology increasingly makes communication faster, easier and more efficient, the expectations of people also increase. People want answers and they want them yesterday. They will use any means to aid them in their search to find assistance in the shortest amount of time. For you as an attorney, offering a service to potential victims who are worried about medical expenses, lost time at work and lack of financial compensation means that you need to acknowledge their interest in you almost immediately.

Study after study shows that the faster you respond to a lead inquiry the more likely you will keep them as a client and not lose them to your competition. When an injured victim is in need of legal assistance they will likely use the attorney that responds the fastest and shows the most interest. With technology so readily available, people expect response times as quickly as within an hour but no longer than the next business day.

This means, if you want to grow your firm and build a reputation that keeps clients coming, you need to aggressively manage you lead response time. You, the attorney, when possible need to do whatever it takes to contact the client to let them know you are interested, even if you have to drive to them. You must immediately establish a relationship confirming to the client that you can help and you do indeed want their business. If you are tied up with obligations such as court and just can’t respond immediately, you should have a trusted paralegal or secretary that is knowledgeable, efficient and aggressive enough to get all the pertinent information while still making the client feel as though the firm has empathy and concern for their situation.

Ways you can respond quickly without losing your potential client:

There are many ways in which you can respond to an inquiry without interrupting your already chaotic schedule: a short email, a quick phone call, or even an out-of-office message. And, whenever possible, you should be the first point of contact. If that isn’t possible, assign this task to your legal secretary, an intern or any other person in your firm that you can trust to make a timely response while leaving a good first impression. However, if you use another member of your team to make the first contact, you should as quickly as possible follow up personally to ensure the client is happy and confident in your firm’s ability to handle their needs.

Sending a short email or making a quick phone call thanking them for their interest in you can make or break your chances of keeping the client. Refer them to your website or blog, if you have one, and give them a time frame in which you will contact them for a more detailed conversation. You can even set your email or voicemail up with an out-of-office message thanking them, providing another point of contact, and a time you will be available to assist them further with their needs. Whatever you do, don’t make them wait for a response. It only takes a few minutes out of your day to show concern, gather the necessary information and schedule a personal one-on-one visit.

It is a proven fact, if you are fast enough to show you care, you will convert more leads to clients!

To learn more about RW Lynch and our lead generation program, please contact us or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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