RW Lynch Every CallThroughout the year, we at RW Lynch receive letters from happy clients who want to share their experience with other firms searching for a reliable way to grow their practices.

This week’s letter comes from a firm in Massachusetts who has been with RW Lynch and the Injury HelpLine® for four years:

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is [name withheld at client request] and I have been a member of the Massachusetts bar for the past 25 years with offices in Boston and the South Shore (Norwell, MA).

For the last four years, I have been a client of RW Lynch and am extremely pleased with the results I have received especially as compared with the amount and quality of cases that my very website generates, yes, better odds than playing the lottery, every call has literally the potential of landing you a six figure case.

Just in the last year, I referred two six figure cases out ($125,000 and a quick $100,000 in which I received 1/3) and kept one case (a dog bite) that was settled without much work for $85,000.

What’s actually best is that there are many, many very good cases that I referred out to other local counsel which has necessarily resulted in my getting to know literally the finest lawyers in the entire state because if they do not act promptly and provide my clients with the highest quality service, then I discontinue referring them cases.

As a consequence, I am assured that my clients are not only being well cared for but also that I personally am assured a substantial referral fee for frankly, doing nothing other than fielding a call and getting the client to call my friends.

Also this year, I picked up a horrendous corrosive scar case on the entire leg of an otherwise beautiful young girls leg and an eye loss case, both of which I referred out.

I cannot tell you how fun and exciting it is to be able to cherry-pick the very best cases to keep for yourself while at the same time being able to refer such other cases to your network all over the state and then, 8 months later, you simply open up an envelope on a case you literally spent 10 minutes on and receive a $20,000 check!

Most importantly, I actually liked the results so much, I continued to purchase more territories and got over extended due some unforeseeable personal problems that I had and even though I was under a valid contract, my friends at RW Lynch showed their appreciation for my loyalty for over four years and substantially altered our relationship so as to acquiesce to all my suggestions to fit the unforeseen financial crisis I found myself in.

You know, it’s really fun going into the office when you’re a member of the RW Lynch network because with every call, you know that you could, very well, be dealing with a million dollar case.

In short, I was reluctant at first too…and frightened and wary but certainly something has made me renew my contract every year—and that something is that you really, truly do get some very lucrative, yet very easy cases by joining RW Lynch—they really do all the advertising work for you in an extremely dignified way ——– and the rest is UP TO YOU!

Good luck.

To learn more about RW Lynch, or to inquire about InjuryHelpLine® subscription opportunities for your practice, please visit or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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