RW Lynch Email MarketingHow many leads do you generate annually? How often are you communicating with these leads? Have you considered that engaging with these leads on a regular basis with timely topics is one of your best sources for generating new cases? RW Lynch has some helpful advise on email marketing.

Lawyers often overlook the business development potential that already exists within his/her own leads database.  Your current clients and contacts may have a need again (or may have contacts within their sphere of influence) to use your services.  However, without regular contact it is very possible that those potential cases can go to another attorney.  Email is a highly effective method of developing relationships with your leads so that when they (or their contacts) are ready for your service, they will choose you. In essence, emails are an effective brand building tool.  Lawyers can leverage the power of their current leads by creating engaging email campaigns with useful and timely information designed to “start a conversation” with his/her contacts.  Additional links to social media networks can enhance this message and provide a forum to continue the “conversation”.

We work closely with our clients to use email marketing to leverage the leads we deliver to them throughout the year.  The clients that use this regularly as a part of their overall marketing strategy find that their conversion rates increase dramatically and report an overall increase in repeat business from current clients.  Our email marketing partner, Vertical Response, recently created this infographic, below depicting the top five steps to creating an effective email marketing campaign that we think is worth sharing to help you get started.   If you would like more tips on how to create an effective email campaign for your firm, call your AE today at 1-800-594-8940.

Email Marketing Infographic

To learn more about RW Lynch and our lead generation program, please contact us or call us at 1-800-594-8940.

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