A concerned family member representing an elderly woman called The Injury HelpLine to discuss a case of neglect at a nursing home.

The elderly woman had a routine check up with a nurse. The check up went fine and there were no red flags to report.

When the check up was complete, instead of assisting the elderly woman off the examination table, the nurse left her alone in the room. This posed a risk to the woman’s safety that anyone working with the elderly population should be aware of and not leave the potential for injury to chance.

The elderly woman fell off the table and, when the staff discovered her on the floor, she had broken her hip due to the impact from the fall.

Due to the fragility of the elderly woman and the nature of the injury, there will be new expenses to cover. The family and nursing home staff will need to place priority on supplying extra care for the woman now that she is unable to be independent in her daily life.

The extra assistance she will receive in order to get through her daily routine will be costly.


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The doctors are unsure if she will need to have surgery but our Network Attorney was happy to sign the case due to the outright negligence displayed by the nursing home. The family is grateful for the help and the attorney is expecting a LARGE SETTLEMENT due to the nature of the case.

We receive thousands of calls monthly from injury victims and their families across the United States who have potential cases involving neglect, are in auto accidents, or have suffered from an injury at work that is hindering them from being able to live a productive life.

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