In this particular case, we had a caring father call The Injury HelpLine after an incident took place involving his son.

Bullying is a problem that won’t go away until families, teachers, schools, and anyone supervising children are educated on the issue, identify warning signs, and intervene when the safety of our youth is at risk. This particular bullying incident was elevated to a personal injury case.

The caller reported that his son had been severely beaten by a group of bullies on the playground. The child was not only hurt by fists. The group of bullies held the child down and forced rocks into his ears. The rocks were pushed so deep into the poor child’s ears that a surgical procedure was required to remove them.


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This school is an environment where a parent should feel secure in knowing their child is being properly looked after. It’s safe to say that when the father received news of what had happened to his child in the schoolyard that he was both upset and shocked by this terrible situation.

In this case, while it was the children who were involved in the malicious act, it is the operators and supervisors of the daycare that will be taken to court.


Although it appears no permanent physical damage occurred, the father will be suing the daycare facility for negligence in allowing the bullying to take place.

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