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Another tax season has come and gone. Tax time can be stressful for many small to mid-sized business owners and attorneys are certainly not an exception to the rule.


Here are some deductions to keep in mind while you prepare your taxes and go over your AGI with your accountant.



Head on flights to yearly conferences? Whether your travel is by air, train, or auto, the expense is deductible. Meeting a client who lives the next county over from you? Mileage is a tax deduction too. Travel expenses, including baggage costs, meals, and lodging, even dry cleaning, are all legitimate through the eyes of the IRS and seen as a tax write-off.



Contract Employees:

If you hired contract labor, a Content Marketer, for example, the fees you pay them can be deducted.  This is done by claiming business deductions on a Schedule C form, a form from the IRS that is used to report business income.





A Lead Generation Service:

Many Personal Injury Attorneys we speak with are aware of the expenses that come with marketing and lead generation. That said, many of them don’t realize that the exclusive membership program we offer at RW Lynch is deductible. Leads come in helping your bottom line and you can claim the expense of being a member once it comes time to file your taxes.


Contact us to learn more about our membership network.



Charitable Deductions:

Charitable donations are deductible and a great way to generate PR for your firm. When you give to a local charity it embeds you in the pulse of your community. In terms of local marketing, this gives your brand an identity relating to the charity you are supporting and puts the name of your firm in the minds of people who live by you.



Our lead generation service will ensure you see ROI. Along with the RW Lynch membership being a tax write-off, we provide further value by being a liaison between injury victims and you. To find out more about our program, contact us today.


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“I joined RW Lynch to increase the number of personal injury cases I receive.”

“I’m able to get a good number of cases by which I can generate money to run my office, to run my advertising. It saves me time.”


What does it mean to join an exclusive network?

When you become a member of RW Lynch you are signed up to take over one zone or more in your region where calls that are generated through The Injury HelpLine come to you and only you. If a call from an injury victim comes in from your region, no one else gets that call. This element of our program holds tremendous value for our Network Member Attorneys and we stand by it as a core strength of our business model.


How do I join?

By contacting one of our Account Executives and discussing your region to see if it’s currently available. We then evaluate your needs and discuss what type of plan that is right for you. Our team is more than happy to show you how the program works and can even set up a time to give you a presentation to go into detail.

Contact us to learn more about our membership network.


How long has RW Lynch been in business for?

The Injury HelpLine has been live and active for people across this country (and Mexico and Canada) since 1984. This proven business model has helped thousands of attorneys grow their practice and has been able to provide millions of injury victims with an attorney in their area who are able to take on their case.


We operate nationwide through a series of exclusive market areas we call “Membership Zones”. Each Membership Zone is managed by one and only one Member Attorney and encompasses various adjacent zip codes.

Contact us today to find out more about our program and to see if your zone is available.


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Find your Niche in Personal Injury Law

Posted on March 28, 2018

As a Personal Injury Attorney, what is your specialty?

You see various commercials just about everywhere you look. “Car accident? Call the large law firm on the screen today!” Or how about, “Did you use this pharmaceutical medication and now suffer from the following conditions? Call 1-888…

We see them often, especially during daytime TV, and they always seem to have solutions for a specific issue that speaks to a concentrated audience. Many of these ads come from large firms that have taken the time to perform research which means they are most likely involved in a massive class-action lawsuit.

When you are up against competitors who have massive budgets for TV spots, billboards, and integrated advertising, how do you differentiate your practice from the others to show your strengths?


Find Your Passion

Think back to why you decided to go down the path toward your current profession. Why did you go to law school? Was it to help people? Make as much money as possible? Do you have a fascination with a certain aspect of law that pertains to nursing home neglect or possibly highway safety?

Sometimes the answers that seem simple are the hardest to articulate. If the topics you care about become the cases you’ll be working on then your enthusiasm will show in your work and will overall help the messaging you satellite out onto social media and other traditional marketing outlets.

This thought process will eventually lead you down the road to the next tip…


Know the Type of Case You Want To Take On

When you’re running your own small practice it’s hard to be picky. But if you spread yourself too thin you may not be seen as an expert. Once you have identified the specialized cases where you are most knowledgeable or feel you have solid expertise in order to keep building your empire, you’ll be able to identify which cases you want and which you can forward to another attorney (and possibly receive a finder’s fee).


Contact us to grow your practice


Finding the Unsaturated Market

Imagine being the franchise owner of a burger place. If there’s an In-N-Out a block from you and a local burger place two doors down chances are your lunchtime rush is going to be impacted by well-known competition in the region. If the personal injury attorneys around you are focusing on car and motorcycle accidents it may be best for you to focus on medical malpractice or slip and falls.



Target Your Audience

The trick here is to identify the locations where your niche audience lives, eats, shops, and what platforms they are likely to be paying attention to. This can take a lot of research but will ultimately benefit your bottom line. Keeping focused on the digital space is good for a small budget and allows you to truly form your audience based on actual data. For example, you are thinking about medical malpractice as a niche you want to specialize in, you should start by creating a piece of content that discusses the rights a patient has after a doctors visit gone wrong and target people who have been attending local rehab clinics and/or ‘Like’ or follow their social media profile.


Contact us to learn more about our membership network.


Here at RW Lynch, we’ll help you carve out a personal injury law niche in your very own designated region. How do we do it? The Injury HelpLine has been in business since 1984. As a recognized national hotline for injury victims, we receive just about any type of personal injury case you could imagine. If you are the member attorney in the region where the victim is calling from, you get the lead!

Active on social media? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for legal marketing tips, news about Injury HelpLine cases, and industry news as it pertains to the personal injury law.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” — Sun Tsu


What’s your approach to building your practice? Where do you find new leads to make sure you stay afloat in today’s competitive marketplace? While it may be daunting to think about, mapping out and sticking to a sound strategy for generating business will help bring new client leads in on a consistent basis.


Contact us to grow your practice


The team at RW Lynch has put together a quick list of marketing tactics for you to consider:


 1. Create a series of measurable tactical objectives geared towards achieving your strategic marketing goals. For example, create a statement like, “gain 3 new clients per month through Google Advertising” and then, through testing and producing posts, estimate how many ads you’ll need to place per week in order to achieve this. A simple objective to start with is to simply say to yourself “I need to define my audience on social media platforms” and start with our 4th tip at the bottom of this blog.



2. Know your Brand “Voice” – What’s your specialty? Are you aggressive when it comes to fighting for your clients or do you want to place emphasis on how you are there for their needs during a tough moment in their life? In either case, you’ll want to remain consistent in terms of your practices brand voice so that people will know what to expect if they have been referred to you by a past client.




3. Define your Social Media Marketing Goals – Sure, we’re all on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. But what are you doing on there? Are you creating memes? Focusing only on business? Or are you starting a conversation that resonates with your audience? After all, the number of people on social media continues to grow and a large element of marketing will always consist of going social and testing out what works and what doesn’t.




4. Test… Test… and test again – Always try something new. As it does in life, this phrase resonates across the digital landscape as well. This doesn’t have to mean jumping into the deep end immediately. Take a small amount of your budget and allocate it to trying out new platforms. This could even mean small amounts like $20.00 to $60.00 a month to see if there is any traction on a platform you are yet to use for gaining leads.



Contact us to grow your practice


While you build your practice and work on your current caseload we’re busy ensuring personal injury attorneys across the country, many just like you, are getting new leads from potential clients calling The Injury HelpLine. Give us a call today to learn more about our program. Together with a sound marketing strategy, RW Lynch will help give you the upper edge.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on legal marketing tips for your personal injury law firm.

The Trends Putting Pressure on Law Firms

Posted on February 27, 2018


An increase in major settlements for pro se litigants is not what we predict for this next year, but we do notice other important trends impacting your industry. Market consolidation, downward pricing pressure, and new technology are all having a significant impact. How is this directly impacting your firm, and how should you respond?

Consolidation of Firms

This is perhaps the most obvious trend. The industry is consolidating as larger firms move into lateral markets. Demand growth has been modest during the past several years, while volatility has significantly increased. According to a recent report, over 71% of firms failed to see two consecutive years of demand growth.* This means that fewer firms are realizing demand growth, and the majority of firms are seeing either flat or decreasing demand. The expectation is that large firms will continue to expand and put pressure on smaller firms. We encourage that you are not part of that 71%, and we’ll explain how, a bit later.

Downward Pricing Pressure

As the above trend continues to impact the industry, smaller firms are experiencing increased pricing pressure. Developing and managing an effective pricing model is already a challenge. Ensuring that your pricing model is competitive, however, is an entirely different matter. Today’s clients are demanding more for less. A recent infographic illustrates how only 28% of firms have addressed this issue, and 87% are experiencing intense price competition.** Bound by a finite amount of time, the laws of physics, and your limited resources, there is still a way to break free of this pressure.

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3 Tips to Get More Clients in 2018

Posted on February 12, 2018

It’s a challenging time for marketing small businesses

Staying competitive as a sole practitioner and small to mid-sized personal injury firm is an increasingly difficult task as marketing technologies and best practices evolve. This is no longer a marketplace where people simply rely on friends and family for recommendations.

Modern marketing technologies have enabled all total lawyers to improve their effectiveness in online marketing.

Your potential clients are searching for information online and being informed by your competitors. Modern marketing technologies have enabled all total lawyers to improve their effectiveness in online marketing, and have especially enabled large firms to have a competitive edge. Their larger budget of marketing spend enables them to continually utilize these technologies to advertise to your prospects across a variety of channels, such as internet search, social media, and retargeting ads.

When trying to attract new clients online, personal injury lawyers are struggling amid increasing levels of competition. A typical PPC Campaign is expensive, complex and time-consuming to execute.

How can you stand out when faced with one of the most competitive online marketing landscapes in the world? Here are three tips on how to survive and thrive in today’s competitive environment:

1. Build a Strategy

Failing to develop a consistent marketing strategy, no matter how basic, will severely limit your ability to develop your practice. Define your goals, marketing mix, and spending plan before you put a single dollar towards your own online marketing campaign. A misdirected PPC campaign can be incredibly costly in just a few days.

For more information on how to build your strategy, view our previous post on this topic: Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys: the Importance of Strategy

2. Unite on Tactics

Once you have a strategy, you must execute it to reap the rewards. It’s best to utilize proven marketing tactics so that you don’t quickly burn through your budget on experimentation. One very effective method of doing this is to take advantage of an advertising model that provides your firm a steady flow of visibility while not requiring an enormous investment, especially one that utilizes internet search.

For more information on how this model works with PPC campaigns, view our previous post on this topic: How to thrive in the Era of Google Search

3. Be Worthy

Your prospects and clients will search for and visit your website. Have something on your website that they find valuable. A couple methods are to provide information that helps them deal with difficulty in life or better understand their rights. You can also direct them to other relevant resources on the internet. If visitors leave your website feeling more informed or positive, they are more likely feel positive about your brand, overall. Helping prospects through content, prior to speaking with them, can facilitate a better client-relationship from the very start. This is also an effective method for dealing with poor reviews on the internet.

People are more likely to write a review about your business if they had a bad experience with your firm than if they had a good experience. These bad reviews can destroy small businesses. If a reviewer is at fault for their own negative experience, or if they never transacted business with you, it can still mislead prospects and active clients. Rather than engaging in online debate, you may find that content development is a more effective strategy. Remember, the best brands have lots of bad reviews, so don’t feel like a few bad reviews are the “end-of-the-world.” Show that you are worthy of new business by demonstrating your integrity, sharing results and testimonials, and continually providing value to your clients and prospects. Building an “army” of happy clients should be your main focus.

For more information on how you can create content that delivers value, view our previous post on this topic: Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys: Content Marketing for Law Firms


Explore our Membership Options



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What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Posted on January 4, 2018

2018 New Year's Resolution

It’s Time to set Goals for 2018

Why limit your New Year’s resolutions to a series of personal goals such as losing weight or getting more exercise? Consider setting your professional goals as well and start improving your legal career today.

We’ve identified three critical goal-setting areas for lawyers to focus on:

  • Time Management
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Work-Life Balance

Tackle your Time Management

2018 New Year's Resolution: Tackle your Time Management Clio’s 2017 Legal Trend report states that lawyers spend only 2.3 hours (29% of an 8-hour workday) on billable tasks. Almost 50% of their remaining time is devoted to administrative tasks. Sound familiar? If admin tasks are sucking up all your time, set clear goals to free up your time and become more productive.

Follow these 5 time management principles:

  • Move away from “putting out fires”: Plan and prioritize tasks at the start of each day.
  • De-clutter your brain and your office: Consider using time management software to track tasks and set reminders. Set up a system to organize your physical and electronic documents. Clean up your desk.
  • Minimize distractions: Avoid social media, emails or phone calls while you work. Focus on getting things done without procrastinating.
  • Set clear goals for your team: delegate tasks and avoid micro-managing.
  • Automate or outsource tasks: Automate your appointment scheduling, invest in a document automation system or purchase bookkeeping automation technology. Outsource accounting, IT or even marketing functions.

For further reading on time management techniques, consult the ABA’s extensive list of time management self-help books.

Rework your Marketing Strategy

2018 New Year's Resolution: Rework your Marketing Strategy Building a successful law business starts with setting ambitious, but achievable marketing goals that support your revenue targets each year. Even if your marketing efforts failed last year, there’s still time time to develop a new, more competitive marketing strategy for 2018. Answering the following questions may help:

  • Goals and Strategy: Where and how should my marketing team focus their efforts?
  • Budget: How much of my company’s revenue should be spent on marketing?
  • Marketing Tactics: What tactics should I spend the majority of my marketing dollars on?

Keep in mind that legal marketing is a rapidly evolving, so be sure to research the latest marketing trends instead of just continuing with last year’s lackluster tactics. We’d like to highlight 3 important trends for 2018:

  • The Era of Video Marketing is here: According to Cisco video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021.  Streaming video is particularly popular and already accounts for two thirds of all internet traffic.
  • Native Advertising is gaining Importance: According to Business Insider, Native Advertising will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021. We’ll also see the rise of “smart content” for native ads, which will allow advertisers to adapt ads to audiences in real time.
  • Local Search is growing exponentially: Local searches are growing 50 percent faster than mobile searches overall.  To find out more about the State of Local Search in 2018 consider registering for the upcoming BrightLocal webinar.

Embrace the Concept of Work-Life Balance

2018 New Year's Resolution: Work-Life BalanceDo you feel overworked and burned out, even though the year has just started? You’re not alone. Lawyers across the United States struggle with stress and work-life balance issues. In February 2016, the Journal of Addiction Medicine published the results of a study showing that lawyers have a significantly higher rate of problematic drinking than the general population. Mental health problems among attorneys were also found to be significant, with 28%, 19%, and 23% experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, respectively. These problems have enormous impact not only on the struggling attorneys themselves but on their firms and communities as well.

Here’s the good news: Goal-setting can help you lead a more balanced professional life in 2018.

If you are the managing partner of a law firm, put the following measures in place:

  • Change the firm culture: Place less importance on billable hours and more emphasis on the purpose and meaning of the legal work done. Individuals with a purpose naturally perform better.
  • Show flexibility: Allow vacation time, remote work or other flex-time arrangements to prevent employee burnout. You will see an increase in motivation and productivity that will likely more than compensate any loss of billable hours.

If you are an employee at a law firm we already discussed how you can improve your time management to free up time. If all else fails and you’re still working every weekend, consider making a move to a firm with a better work-life balance. As a personal injury attorney you know this better than anyone: Life is short.

Happy New Year 2018 from the RW Lynch Team.


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Leverage your existing Customers to grow your Firm

Retention Marketing is based on building relationshipsMany personal injury attorneys tell us that honing their litigation skills and winning cases for their clients is the easy part of growing their practice. The hard part is business development!

Building a steady pipeline of new personal injury leads is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. And sometimes, you just don’t manage to get enough clients.

Retention marketing can help you grow your firm by leveraging your existing customers to generate more business. This blog post provides ideas on how to encourage your old clients to come back and hire your firm again.

Why Retention Marketing is crucial

It costs considerably more to acquire a new client than to keep an existing one. That’s why it makes sense to focus on building long-term relationships with every client, from the moment your sign them to the moment you settle their case. A satisfied client is a loyal client. He may come back to give you repeat business or he may refer you this friends and family.

The key to Client Retention: Relationship Building

The common assumption is that doing a great job as an attorney and securing a large settlement is all it takes to prompt repeat business and referrals from happy customers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Providing exceptional service and winning cases is of course very important, but it often fails to be effective on its own if the client does not perceive that he is important to the firm. Service, client appreciation and that personal touch can make all the difference in ensuring that your client will remember you for years to come. In a world where there is less and less time and opportunity for supportive social relationships, building a connection can be crucial to keeping a stable customer base from which to draw repeat business.

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Social Media Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms – is it worth it?

Social Media Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms - is it worth it?Personal injury is an extremely competitive field and one of the most difficult niches to run social media campaigns for. Is it even worth spending time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest? Or does Social Media amount to nothing more than a time sink, taking away from billable hours?

This is a controversial topic in legal marketing. Some legal marketing experts believe that social media marketing is at best a secondary marketing tool. Other legal marketing gurus are advertising that they know of a social media strategy than can significantly impact lead generation. Who is right?

We believe that social media can be an effective tool to support your marketing efforts, but only when used in combination with other marketing channels. What follows is a guide that will help you define an effective Social Media Strategy for your law firm.

Define your Social Media Marketing Goals

Your first step towards success in social media lies in defining your social media marketing goals. In other words, ask yourself: What am I trying to accomplish by being on social media?

We recently published an article titled Content Marketing for Personal Injury Attorneys, which explains how to formulate a content strategy for your law firm. Social Media is but one of many distribution channels that you can use to share your content. So be mindful of aligning your social media marketing goals with your overall content strategy.

Here are some possible social media marketing goals to consider:

  • Personal Branding and Career Development: I want to develop my professional identity and show the world my legal expertise.
  • Corporate Branding: I want my community to be aware of my law firm’s brand and the firm’s area of expertise.
  • Community Engagement: I’d like to engage my local community on legal topics of interest.
  • Peer Engagement and Networking: I want to network with other lawyers who may send referrals my way. I want to establish myself as a thought leader amongst my peers.
  • Content Distribution: I’m looking for more avenues to publish my content, so that more people read my blog entries and watch my videos.
  • Client Acquisition: I want to drive more traffic to my website, where I can convert prospective clients into paying customers.
  • Recruiting: I want to find top talent for my law firm.

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Getting new personal injury clients is becoming difficult

When trying to attract new clients online, personal injury lawyers are struggling amid increasing levels of competition. A typical PPC Campaign is expensive, complex and time-consuming to execute.

How can sole practitioners and small to mid-sized personal injury firms stand out when faced with one of the most competitive online marketing landscapes in the world? We offer a fresh perspective on how to survive and thrive in the Era of Google Search.

How to thrive in the Era of Google Search

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