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RWL-Blog-PPC-Adverts-Campaigns-Lead-GenPaid search marketing, which is most commonly associated with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is one of the most utilized forms of digital advertising, and it continues to grow as internet access and mobile device use expands. Due to its importance in attorney marketing and lead generation efforts, RW Lynch published a previous post that outlines the way PPC advertising works. As a follow-up post, we are now focusing on the costs associated with running personal injury PPC campaigns and how PPC advertising responses fit into the marketing and sales funnel as part of lead generation efforts.

PPC Advertising & Personal Injury Campaign Costs

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns are priced on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, which means that you are only charged when someone clicks on your PPC advertisement. It is worth noting that while PPC campaigns are only charged on a per click basis, campaign pricing is set up on a daily/monthly limit (e.g., if you place a $50 per day limit, it translates to about a $1,500 monthly PPC advertising cost). So how do you figure out the costs associated with a PPC advertising campaign? Well, there are a number of variables that impact the overall campaign costs and lead generation efforts that we’ll cover below.

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Marketing is Important

Introduction to Personal Injury Marketing in 2016

With 2015 in the rearview mirror, it is time to look at 2016 and what is in store for legal marketing and personal injury attorneys. Our focus is on three of the top 2016 legal marketing trends and how they apply to personal injury attorneys and trial lawyers. With personal injury attorneys facing one of the most competitive marketing environments in the world, it is important to address how the top legal marketing trends and tactics can be effectively used to expand a personal injury practice.

Personal Injury Marketing: Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Essential in 2016

In April 2015, Google launched an update to its mobile search algorithm, which rewards mobile-friendly compliant websites with higher search engine results page (SERP) rankings while penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly. However, law firms and attorneys have been slow moving to adapt to the new mobile search algorithm. A 2015 report by LexBlog CEO, Kevin O’Keefe, indicates that approximately 53% of the top 350 largest law firms do not have mobile-friendly websites, and 73% of nearly 1,000 blogs published by Am Law 200 are not ready for mobile viewing.

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Personal Injury Lawyers & Internet Searches

With the rise of the internet and the digital age, a whole new technology has been leveraged to revolutionize the way personal injury lawyers market their practice, generate leads and land new clients. The adoption and use of the internet now makes a website an essential tool for any personal injury lawyer trying to sustain and build a practice.

A vast majority of the United States’ population is online, and more and more people are turning to the internet to do online research to make decisions. This applies to legal services too, as a recent survey shows that internet searches are a close second to word-of-mouth referrals from friends as the top method used to choose a lawyer (except for 18-24 year olds and individuals who made more than $150,000 a year – they were most likely to use internet searches to choose a lawyer). Additionally, it’s worth noting that around 75% of the U.S. population uses online resources to research attorneys before making a decision, and approximately 33% of the population will seek legal counsel, at least once, in their lifetime.

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Digital Marketing and Your Law Firm: Essential Tips for Attorneys

There are several digital law firm marketing techniques you can learn to do yourself.

If you have been in law for a long time, you may never have envisioned having to pay attention to digital marketing to help your practice grow. But the good news is, law firm marketing can benefit tremendously from digital marketing techniques, and there are many you can put into place yourself, without major investment.

The key to succeeding in digital law firm marketing is commitment and consistency. You shouldn’t try to tackle everything at once, because you may be overwhelmed. If you have never done any digital marketing, your first step will be to map out a strategy that’s reasonable for your level of time and resources.

Document a Content Marketing Strategy

A 2014 survey on digital content marketing found that companies that actually write down a content marketing strategy are more effective than those that either have a verbal-only strategy or no strategy at all. Documenting your content marketing strategy helps ensure that all participants are on the same page, so to speak, helps you to remember the tasks you set out for your team, and gives you a baseline document you can use to help you determine the effectiveness of the various digital marketing strategies you use. A documented strategy sets the tone and the pace.

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3 Reasons Attorneys Need Email Marketing

Posted on February 23, 2015

3 Reasons You Need Email Marketing

Email marketing. You may have heard that it is old fashioned, ineffective and ultimately a waste of time and effort. Despite what the naysayers preach, this is simply untrue. We live in the internet age. It is crucial for law firms to get their name out there. Email marketing is a thriving, affordable and effective way to build and market your firm, increase conversions and remind clients who you are. Why is email marketing such a usual tool?

Email Marketing Is Inexpensive

Perhaps the best feature of email marketing is that it is economical. Email marketing is a great way to spend less and receive a greater return on your investment. It cuts out high costs that other marketing channels, like direct mail, add on. You can communicate with contacts more frequently because an email takes less time and money to create. All you need is an effective email marketing program. Many legal marketing companies provide an email marketing service that will take care of everything from templates to content and more.

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RW Lynch Online MarketingYou may command top rates for your time. You might have successfully attacked (or defended) America’s largest corporations. You may run and operate a thriving practice that over-delivers for clients, serves your community with honor, and generates significant profit, year after year. You may be a top attorney, like many of the RW Lynch clients. But once you enter the online legal marketing game, chances are that you will likely fall short of expectations.

This post will open your eyes to an enormous error that most lawyers make online. The problem manifests differently for different people. But if you fail to recognize it and rectify your approach, not only will your online marketing almost certainly tank, but you may also  lose potential clients, lose sleep, and waste tons of money.

Fortunately, you’re about to discover a secret that will revolutionize how you think about marketing your services — a secret that changes the game and allows you to win.

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Mobile is the New Standard for Search

Posted on September 18, 2013

RW Lynch mobile blogIt’s amazing how far we’ve come in the last few decades.  RW Lynch has personally witnessed the changes from searching for services in a big yellow book, to searching the internet from our desktops to now being able to search anywhere, anytime from our phones. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project research results, 91% of US adults now use a cell phone and of those 56% have a smart phone.

Mobile advertising and website optimization is critical today, especially in highly competitive industries like Personal Injury Law. When a crisis occurs and a person is looking for legal help, today, they are likely to pull out their cell phone first to search for help. In fact, of the 56% of smart phone users sited above, 31% say that they use their mobile phone ONLY to search for goods and services.

These users will likely choose the first legal site they see with a mobile friendly ad and a mobile friendly site; a site that is easy to navigate and has a click-to-call phone number.  According to the IAB, 61% of consumers that visit a website that does not have a mobile friendly interface will leave that site and likely move on to a competitor’s site instead. If your firm isn’t leveraging the power of mobile in your firm’s marketing you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

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RW Lynch Email MarketingHow many leads do you generate annually? How often are you communicating with these leads? Have you considered that engaging with these leads on a regular basis with timely topics is one of your best sources for generating new cases? RW Lynch has some helpful advise on email marketing.

Lawyers often overlook the business development potential that already exists within his/her own leads database.  Your current clients and contacts may have a need again (or may have contacts within their sphere of influence) to use your services.  However, without regular contact it is very possible that those potential cases can go to another attorney.  Email is a highly effective method of developing relationships with your leads so that when they (or their contacts) are ready for your service, they will choose you. In essence, emails are an effective brand building tool.  Lawyers can leverage the power of their current leads by creating engaging email campaigns with useful and timely information designed to “start a conversation” with his/her contacts.  Additional links to social media networks can enhance this message and provide a forum to continue the “conversation”.

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RW Lynch Online Legal MarketingAt RW Lynch, we recognize the dynamics of how consumers search for attorneys and law firms are changing as the Internet age advances, and reflect an overall trend of increased consumer use of the Internet in general.  For example, a series of Pew Research studies demonstrated that 95% of homes with an annual income of more than $75,000 are online, and 45% of American adults indicate that the internet played a significant role in making a major life decision. As Americans become more Internet-savvy, and search tools like Google and Yahoo! become more able to target and refine search criteria, consumers are increasingly utilizing online resources to research information on their legal matters, find and validate lawyers, and ultimately hire one.

A recent study conducted by The Research Intelligence Group (TRiG) offers compelling insight into the complex world of legal consumer behavior patterns. The study, titled the “Attorney Selection Research Study,” was conducted in February 2012 and included 4,000 consumers age 18 and over. The study, found that 76% of adult Internet users in the United States employ online resources at some point when they are in the process of finding an attorney. Furthermore, nearly 60% of all adult Internet users (approximately 110 million people) have sought an attorney at least once in their life – 58 million alone in the past year. And, of those who used the Internet to search for an attorney in the past year, 57% hired one. A key finding of this study was that consumers are now just as likely to conduct an Internet search to locate an attorney as they are to seek referrals from friends and family, which has long been a preferred method.

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RW Lynch Social Media MarketingRW Lynch recently conducted a survey of personal injury attorneys regarding their adoption of social media for marketing purposes and found surprising results.  Of the survey respondents, over 60 percent said they do not utilize social media to market the firm. When asked for a reason they have not engaged users on these platforms, over 43 percent cited lack of time while another 25 percent said social media was not relevant to their business.

The findings are surprising, as personal injury attorneys have generally been ahead of their peers when it comes to adopting new forms of marketing. In fact, the findings differ starkly from other sectors of the law industry, where reports have suggested social media is becoming an effective marketing tool.   Although PI firms have consistently been quick to adopt new marketing techniques, such as billboards, radio, television or web pay-per-click, it seems their reticence here may be due to the greater time commitment demanded by social media marketing.

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