Car crash cases tend to settle quickly.

Are you currently representing a client or clients in a car crash case? Auto accidents are rampant year round and, due to this, remain a steady source of income for Personal Injury Attorneys in our Network.

“Road crashes cost the U.S. $230.6 billion per year or an average of $820 per person.” – ASIRT


Auto accidents are rampant across the country. Injury victims need your help.

In this particular scenario, our Member Attorney signed SIX cases from ONE phone call!

Jackson, MS – An Injury Helpline caller asked to be connected with an RW Lynch Member Attorney because he, his wife, and daughter were involved in an automobile accident. The family went through a harrowing ordeal during the car crash and are lucky to be alive.

A fourth and fifth car crash case from the same family!

It also turned out that, prior to the first crash, his wife and daughter were in another automobile accident a few months prior and had not yet spoken with an attorney about their previous auto wreck.


Personal Injury Attorney? Contact us!


The Member Attorney immediately signed up the family of three for the first accident. He also signed the mother and daughter again for the second car crash case.

“An average of 2.35 million people are injured or disabled due to car crashes in the united states per year.” – ASIRT

A SIXTH personal injury car crash case signed from just one call!

The caller informed the attorney that his brother was involved in a separate automobile accident. After speaking with the brother, the attorney signed him as a client.  Six clients in one call!

When attorneys become members of the RW Lynch Network they receive a region where exclusive calls from injury victims are assigned directly to them. We market to injury victims, they call us and we forward the potential client to you. We receive a large number of calls from car crash victims from across the country who are looking for representation.

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