Can Salesmanship Grow Your Case Load?

The personal injury profession is overflowing with competition. What sets one personal injury attorney apart from the hundreds of other personal injury attorneys in their area? In such a competitive field, it is vital that personal injury attorneys are not only able to find potential clients, but turn them into clients.

Personal injury attorneys know the competition is fierce. In an attempt to grow a personal injury practice, lawyers may be working with a lead generation firm, maintaining a website, making blog posts, sending out email newsletters and saturating social media. If personal injury attorneys are doing everything to maximize their presence online and offline, why are there difficulties in landing clients?

Generating leads is only the beginning, and the first step in the personal injury sales process. Once a prospective client calls or contacts a personal injury attorney, the real work begins.

Personal Injury Leads: Get in Touch…FAST

What good is marketing a personal injury law firm or using a lead generation firm if attorneys let potential clients slip through their fingers? If one personal injury attorney is not eager to act when he or she is contacted by a prospective client, that person is just an internet search away from finding another personal injury attorney who is willing to act on their behalf. When someone is in need of legal advice, they will not be sitting by the phone, patiently waiting for a particular personal injury attorney to return their call. They will find help elsewhere, but responding promptly can really help make a lasting impact with a prospective client.

When a personal injury lawyer is contacted by a prospective client, it is incredibly important to communicate with them right away. If a prospective client calls the office, speak to them personally. If a prospective client sends an email or leaves voice mail, contact them back as soon as possible or have a staff member contact them immediately. If a prospective client is injured and in the hospital, go meet them in the hospital room. If a prospective client is more comfortable discussing a personal injury case at their home or office, then find a way to accommodate their request. It is even possible to have a personal injury case discussion over a work break or at a coffee shop. These kinds of acts go a long way in showing a prospective client that they are a priority.

Personal Injury Leads: Collect Information

When meeting with a prospective client, a personal injury attorney must collect the proper information. This can be easily achieved by creating a dialogue. Do not waste time and effort showboating and talking about accomplishments; instead, focus on listening to the prospective client. Ask probing questions, investigate every detail of their account and show sympathy for their situation.

Most people in need of an attorney are apprehensive and unfamiliar with the personal injury legal process. Start the conversation by asking them to tell you about their problem and injuries. Guide the conversation, but let them do the talking. As a personal injury attorney, asking the right questions can turn a simple dialogue into a new client by properly fact finding and building rapport. Personal injury attorneys can achieve a lot by making a prospective client feel that there is true concern for their situation, and that they are actually listening to the issues and concerns.

Personal Injury Tip: Attorneys that are trying to improve their practice  may want to consider creating a list of questions to keep on their notepad or computer. As personal injury attorneys become more accustomed to the proper questions and ensuing dialogue, it will become second nature.

Personal Injury Leads: Be Empathetic

Most personal injury attorneys are in the business to help people. Being a good salesman means that attorneys need to show prospective clients why they are the right attorney for the job. Victims need to feel comfortable they can share their problems with a personal injury attorney. Understanding prospective clients’ needs and empathizing with their situation shows them that you care. Personal injury attorneys are hired to solve legal matters, but to a client, these matters are personal.

Most prospective clients that a personal injury attorney meets for the first time will be cautious, and may feel intimidated. After spending time listening to a prospective client’s situation and getting to know them better, clarify the personal injury legal process. Answer their questions and provide a plan to help them. It is important that a prospective client feels that a personal injury attorney knows what they are doing and can help them get through a challenging ordeal. Prospective clients will feel more at ease if they understand what to expect.

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