Boston Attorney Helps Man Struck by Car

Posted on March 27, 2018

Our Member Attorney that manages the Boston market reported a great call last week!

It’s been a blustery winter on The East Coast and The Injury HelpLine has been receiving calls that speak to the number of dangerous scenarios that accompany such frigid conditions.

In this particular case, a gentleman was snow blowing his driveway after one of the recent Nor’easter storms that blanketed the region with multiple inches of snow. As he was finishing off the end of the driveway near the street lined with snow-capped cars, the man was struck by a morning commuter who was attempting to brave the weather while trying to get to work.


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Attempting to hit the breaks, the car wheels locked up and spun around on black ice and sleet as the driver tried to gain control of the careening vehicle.  The man, focused on removing the effects of the previous evening’s blizzard from his property, didn’t see the car coming. The car slammed into the man and knocked him unconscious.


After regaining consciousness, the surprised victim was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with multiple injuries. The man suffered extensive damage to his head, shoulder, hip, lower back and other areas of his body.

Once he was back at home, the injured man called The Injury Helpline and was signed up immediately. Our Member Attorney is currently working on a large settlement for his new client!


Each Member Attorney we send calls to relies on a dedicated Account Executive whose main mission is to continuously refine the type and quality of cases delivered by the Injury HelpLine®. We partner with our Attorneys to deliver the cases they specialize in. The result: Satisfied Injury HelpLine® callers frequently recommend our Member Attorneys to friends and relatives, ensuring referral business for years to come.

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